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Conserving Biodiversity

No description

Devin Heggie

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Conserving Biodiversity

Biodiversity Hotspots are ecosystems where
species are threatened.

Endemic Species are only found in a
specific geographical area.

Conserving Biodiversity
I CAN describe two classes of natural resources.

I CAN describe the methods and techniques used to conserve and restore biodiversity.

Natural Resources
Natural Resources are any
in the biosphere, including water, soil, fuel, plants and animals.
Protecting Biodiversity
The United States has established protected areas such as
National Parks
, and other countries have also taken similar measure to
Biodiversity Hot Spots
Restoring Biodiversity
There are methods and techniques that help to counteract the threats to the biodiversity.
Nonrenewable Resources
Nonrenewable Resources are those resources that are found on Earth in
limited amounts
or those that are replaced by natural processes over extremely
periods of time.
There are two types
Renewable Resources
Renewable Resources are resources that are
natural processes
faster than they are
Sustainable Use
Sustainable Use means using
at a rate in which they can be
or recycled while preserving the long-term
environmental health
of the biosphere.
Bioremediation is the use of
living organisms
, such as prokaryotes, fungi, or plants, to
a polluted area.
Biological Augmentation
Biological Augmentation is adding
natural predators
to degraded ecosystems.
Government Action
Laws and Bills such as The
Endangered Species Act
of 1973 was signed to legally protect the species that were becoming extinct or in danger of becoming extinct.
Issue #1
Scientists in Indonesia have discovered that the population coral fish is overwhelming the coral reefs due to the decline in the Whitetip Reef Shark population. What should be done to solve this issue?
Issue #2
A rare lily that is said to have properties to treat a neurodegenerative disease has been discovered in the tropical rain of Equador. The area is known to be frequented by lumberjacks.
Issue #3
There has been an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that is affecting the marine life in the area. What can be done to protect the biodiversity in this marine ecosystem?
Issue #4
The invasive plant, purple loosestrife, has began to take over the prairies of central Kansas. Due to the purple loosestrife's invasive roots, they are beginning to kill off local vegetation that is important to local wildlife.
Come in quietly, sit in your seat and answer the question completely in 2 or more sentences.
Do Now
Name and describe the three types of Biodiversity.

Hint: Describe them using the levels of organization.
The first type is Genetic Diversity. Genetic Diversity is the variety of genes in a population. Next is Species Diversity which is described as the variety of species in a biological community. Lastly, Ecosystem Diversity is the variety of ecosystems in the biosphere.
Essential Questions
Why is it important that humans conserve natural resources?

What challenges do humans face when attempting to conserve and restore biodiversity?
Conservationist Part II
Direction: Imagine that you are a member of the United Nations and you are on a committee to improve the biodiversity of the world. Write 2-3 sentences explaining the methods of conservation that will be used to solve these world issues.
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