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Early China; The Mechanical Clock

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Abby Brunton

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Early China; The Mechanical Clock

Early China; The Mechanical Clock
By Ella Brunton and Tim Fontaine

The importance of the clock to the Dynasties.
The advanced mechanical clock by Su Song, reflected on how advanced the Tang dynasty was in early China. It shows that they used there resources in the best way to create something that would forever revolutionize the world.
How does the clock connect to Confucianism?
The mechanical clock relates to Confucianism because both have played a role in today's modern world. We rely on the mechanical clock to tell us the time of day and to some tell horoscopes. We rely on the ways of Confucius as morals on how to be better people and have a good life.
The mechanical clock is an invention that we rely on still today. First invented by an Buddhist monk named Yi Xing and mathematician of the Tang Dynasty. Invented between the years 618-907.
The mechanical clock that Yi Xing built were made out of bronze, and included pins and rods.

A few hundred years after Yi Xing invented the clock, Su Song, an astronomer created a more sophisticated version of the mechanical clock in 960- 1279. The clock still resembled the clock tower made by Yi Xing, however it was the first to have a mechanical clock drive and a chain drive (also known as celestial ladder).
The purpose for the mechanical clock ranged. From astronomical purposes, telling horoscopes, and of course telling the time of day. Su Song's clock tower showed how advanced the Tang Dynasty was.

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