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The Immune System

No description

gazzer 2001

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of The Immune System

By Gareth Cummings

Gareth's guide to diseases the immune system and the chain of infections
Da' Chain
I destroy the chain
But How?
This Is How
environmental sanitation

control of aerosols and splatter


5:first aid
personal hygiene

6:treatment of underlying diseases
How to prevent infection:
when to wash hands
most important
1=infectious agent
4=means of transmission
5=portal of entry
6= susceptible host
#Whenever visibly soiled
#Before and after eating
#After sneezing couching or blowing your nose
#Before and after smoking
(smoking is bad and i do not advise it)
#Contact with ill people
#After playing outside
#After playing sports
# Any contact with bodily fluids
#After using gloves
#Contact with animals
#After handling contaminated items
(Garbage, Diapers, Linens etc)
How do i know if i have an infection?
....The Immune System....
....What is the Immune System?
The Chain Of Infection....
What Is The Chain Of Infection?
1: a germ must be present
2: te germ must have a olace to live and multiply.E.G.
3:A susceptible host, specifically a person who doesn't have immunity to the germ
4: A way for the germ to enter the host such as:
direct contct (touch, sexual, kissing etc)
indirect contact (contaminated food, water etc)
water droplets
particles in the air
Now To....
The immune system is your bodies line of defence against any and all diseases infections etc etc
this system is made up of 3 different layers :

(i will represent is as if it is a castle)
1:The first layer would be like a moat of a castle where only germs of a certain "IQ" and up can cross
2:The second layer is like the walls with the guards walking across them.
The Guards themselves actually see if the germs are good or bad and let the good ones through
3:the last layer is like the inner castle guard who attack the bad germs that get through
they are the last line of defence
The more advanced example is that it is made up off:
T cells
Innate immune syustem
Response is non-specific
Exposure leads to immediate maximal response
Cell-mediated and humoral components
No immunological memory
Found in nearly all forms of life
Adaptive immune system
Pathogen and antigen specific response
Lag time between exposure and maximal response
Cell-mediated and humoral components
Exposure leads to immunological memory
Found only in jawed vertebrate
I know how confusing it must be but whatever it is actually fairly simple (if simple=Confusing).
Now to part 3
Against Diseases
defence against diseases is crucial if you want to stay health and all diseases have a form of weakness (except eb0la....For Now) or mabye more than one weakness for example a common flu bug in which it can suposedly be "cured" by chicken noodle soup what a load of #$%& its all the immune system
Have you ever thought that u have caught the same bug twice?
The immune system will normally remember how to defeat the infection so if it comes back it will beat it easily defeat it faster than before.(unless you have an innate immune system which doesnt remember if that is the case it will take just as long as it did before.)
This may all be confusing but it is a prezi for young people who may want to enter the health district
And that is it people so thanks for using my prezi
The End
To My Website
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