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The darling

laura and rochelle's L.A project

Laura Brager

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of The darling

The Darling Story By: Anton Pavlovich Chekhov Prezi By: Rochelle Shvarts and Laura Brager Plot Summary Olga first marries a theater owner. When married to him, she thinks and speaks only of the theater. After he dies suddenly, she soon marries a timber merchant. During this marriage she thinks, speaks, and even dreams only of timber. After he, too, dies, Olga goes with a veterinary surgeon, who is separated from his wife and son, and she speaks only of veterinary concerns. Without a man around to form her identity, Olga grows old and loses the charm that had earned her the nickname ‘‘darling,’’ When he, too, leaves her, Olga’s life and her thoughts become empty. The veterinary surgeon comes back into her life, only to abandon his young son, Sasha, to her care. Olga’s life once again takes on meaning, as she busies herself with the care of Sasha, who feels smothered by her acting like a mother. Character List Olenka- Protagonist of the story. Also called Olga Semyonova. Kukin- Olenka's first love of the story. He owns a local theater. Pustovalov- Olenka's second love of the story. He is in the timber industry. Smirnin- Olenka's third love of the story. He is a veterinarian. Sasha- He is Smirnin's son, who gets abandoned and put into the care of Olenka. Plemyanniakov- He is Olenka’s father. Although he is dead, he is mentioned several times in the story. Important Quotations “She was always fond of some one, and could not exist without loving.” "Her husband's ideas were hers. If he thought the room was too hot, or that business was slack, she thought the same. Her husband did not care for entertainments, and on holidays he stayed at home. She did likewise." "In any one else this would have been censured, but no one could think ill of Olenka; everything she did was so natural." "Ah, how she loved him! Of her former attachments not one had been so deep." Short Story Analysis -Consistent story line. -The characters are really interesting to follow. -The style of writing isn’t boring. -It is realistic. -The vocabulary used in it is extraordinary yet understandable. Thematic Relevance Motifs The relationship between the names Olga Semyonova and Olenka is significant because... The attachment of Olga Semyanova to the one she loves reoccurs in the story and is important because.... Themes The themes that are present are reflected in three different stages Stage 1: Falling in Love Stage 2: Despair Stage 3: Recovery Literary
Devices Personification The use of foreshadow Major Character Analysis Olga Semyanova How does she develop throughout the story?? Fragile, Genuine hearted, Vulnerable. Smirnin Sasha How does he change throughout the story? Anton Pavlovich Chekhov "She got thinner and plainer, and when people met her in the street they did not look at her as they used to, and did not smile to her; evidently her best years were over and left behind, and now a new sort of life had begun for her, which did not bear thinking about:" "But this happiness did not last long. The veterinary surgeon departed, departed for ever with his regiment, when it was transferred to a distant place -- to Siberia, it may be. And Olenka was left alone." "For this little boy with the dimple in his cheek and the big school cap, she would have given her whole life; she would have given it with joy and tears of tenderness. Why? Who can tell why?" "Medicine is my lawful wife", he once said, "and literature is my mistress." 1886: Gained fame as a writer 1888: Pushkin prize winner 1899: Published "The Darling" 1901: Married an actress 1904: Died 1860: Born
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