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Asma Ismael

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

PEST Analysis Conclusion Recommendations Sultan Qaboos University
College of Economics and Political Science
May 14, 2013 Overview Welcome
to our presentation... - Introduction
- Findings
- Conclusion
- Recommendations
- Reflections Asma Ismael
Mariam Al Blushi
Sara Al Wahibi Political

Economical Challenges Responds Impacts Challenges Responds Impacts Social

Technological Summary -Taxes increase and decrease

-Reduce green- house gases. -Distribution of
fresh water. - Cut down the use
of water. - Ethical behavior
- attracts employees
and customers Demand

Investment in
rural communities Improving wellness

Provide training healthy lifestyle Transportation

Advertisement Arrange shipment Successful Process - High prices
- Low prices - More or less Customers
- cost-effectiveness
- Productivity saving tons of:
-glass oral presentation: Good food, Good life! introduction - Founded in 1867.
- Founded by Henri Nestlé.
- 300,000+ Employees.
- 461 Factories.
- Brands: KIT KAT®, NESCAFÉ®
and SHREDDIES. Better economy
Better standards of living Attention of customers Advertising through
social media - Nestlé as a nutrition leading company
- PEST Analysis:
* challenges
* Responds
* Impacts
- Nestlé in the future * save more tons of plastic and glass.
* Conduct more surveys to know the demand.
* Use Social media to advertise.
* Improve transportation processes. Reflections * Develop writing skills.
* Understand hidden meanings.
* Writing an effective report.
* Paraphrasing and summarising skills.
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