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Infernos canto 6

No description

jayden brown

on 30 March 2016

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Transcript of Infernos canto 6

Infernos canto 6
"The monster cruel and uncouth, with his three gullets liis barking Over the people that are there submerged" (stanza 5 )
the purpose of dante's inferno was to teach the audience on how to not continue on the sinful path or bad things will eventually happen to you like going tthrough the different levels of hell.
In the last stanza of canto 6 plutus is an example of allusion because he originates from greek mythology. He's the blind god of wealth.
Greek and Roman Mythology the three-headed dog guarding the gate of Hades; in Inferno, Cerberus flays and tortures the Gluttons.
In stanza 4 Dante gives a type of imagery by saying " Huge hail,and water sombre-hued, and snow Athwart the tenebrous air pour down amain;"
As Dante and Virgil are walking out the third circle of hell and entering the fourth circle Dante says "We came unto the point where the descent is; There we found Plutus the great enemy."

In canto 6 of Dante's inferno, dante wakes up in the third circle of hell. The third circlf hell is very polluted and it always rains, sleets, hails, and snows. While in circle 3 Dante meets a man who seems to know him and questions dante if he knew dante replies no and when they reach the gate its guarded by cerebus a three headed dog but Virgil throws dirt to each head of the dog. As Dante and Virgil walks out to enter the fourth circle of hell there they find plutus.
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