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Rural Marketing-Gas Stove

Marketing of a Gas stove in Rural India

Sneha Ramachandran

on 5 October 2010

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Transcript of Rural Marketing-Gas Stove

SIES College Of Management Studies The India Rural Market Scenario The Indian growth story is now spreading itself to India's hinterlands. The rural consumer market, which grew 25 per cent in 2008, is expected to reach US$ 425 billion in 2010-11 with 720-790 million customers
The Union Budget for 2010-11 has hiked the allocation under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) to US$ 8.71 billoin in 2010-11, giving a boost to the rural economy.
Thus the disposable incomes in the hands of the Rural people is ever increasing. The Product The Challenge This presentation will answer
what is a gas stove going to do in a rural set up?
Who will buy it?
What will prompt him /her to buy it?
What is our Marketing plan?? First a small snapshot of our Premise Who will Buy our Gas Stove? Influencers The buying is still largely done by the man of the house.
But his consideration is mainly from the Price perspective. So, our Main TG is ...?? She may not be educated, but is strong in the finance of her home.she is PRICE SENSITIVE.
she is exposed to media and is up-to-date on what is happening around her..not necessarily Politics. She wants to APE her City counter parts
She is increasibgly becoming aware of what is good and bad for her family.
She now wants to have a say in Buying Decisions. Where is SHE? She is in every village, taluka and district of our country.
She is watchin the same shows that our moms and Wives are watching.
She is probably even learning what World Wide Web means.
We have narrowed down our Market to the HSM belt for the following Reasons:
Not a Media shy market.
Fastest growth rate in the country.

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