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Brand Management

Secondary brand associations and managing brands over time

Denise Lyrén

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Brand Management

Brand Management Holst and Lyren
- Consultants Table of contents MAC Cosmetics Nokia - History
- Secondary brand associations
- Recommendations - History
- Reasons for decay
- Nokia's efforts to revitalize its brand
- Recommendations (managing brands over time) History of MAC Cosmetics - Founded in Canada in 1985
- Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan
- Developed makeup for professionals
(Schiro, 1997)
- Built through word of mouth
- Clear link to fashion
(Ross and Holland, 2007)
- Owned by Estee Lauder (Evelyn, 2012)
- 10% growth in 2011 ($1 billion dollars) (Euromonitor, 2012) Secondary Brand Associations Company - Estee Lauder
(Evelyn, 2012) Country of Origin - Canada
(Evelyn, 2012) Channels of Distribution - Luxury department stores
(Ross and Holland, 2007) Co-Branding - Recommendations follow Ingredient Branding - Recommendations follow Licensing, Event sponsorships, Third party sources - Warner bros, Archie comics etc. + Fashion Week
(Global License, 2011 and Fashionmonitor, 2012) Celebrity Endorsement - Fergie, Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin etc.
(Greenwald, 2011) Recommendations Company - Make more use of Estee Lauder

Country of Origin - Not applicable (Canada not specifically known for beauty products, luxurious brands and fashion)

Channels of Distribution - Keep up luxurious association of retailers

Co-branding - Team up with well known haircare brands

Ingredient Branding - Use cruelty free ingredients

Licensing, Events sponsorships, Third party sources - Continue its successful work

Celebrity Endorsement - Use more mainstream celebs History of Nokia - Founded in Finland in 1865 by Fredrik Idestam
- Industrial conglomerate
(Management today, 2012)
- Focus on telecommunications from the late 1980's
(Innovation leaders, 2012)
- Milestones
(Nokia, 2012) 1984 1987 1994 1997 2001 2005 Reasons for decay - Did not invest in R&D (Plumridge, 2012)
- Introduction of Apples iPhone in 2007
- Non-competitiveness
- Shuts down manufacturing locations
(Savitz, 2012)
- Stock market shares fall 75% by 2010 (Munk, 2011) Nokia's efforts to revitalize Co-branding - BskyB and Yahoo! (Thomson, 2012)

Ingredient Branding - Microsoft and Intel
(Vinjamuri, 2012 and Kalla, 2012)

Marketing communications - doubled ad spend
(Mintel, 2011) Recommendations Enter new markets - invest in R&D (eg. develop tablets, catch up with Apple and Microsoft)

Strengthen faded brand associations (use heritage in marcomms - create authenticity)

Identify neglected segment (approximately 70% are aged 45 and over - currently missing out on younger market)

Create additional associations - celebrity endorsement (target younger market with eg. Justin Bieber and Jessie J/Katie Perry) Conclusion Successful brands can build on secondary brand associations to increase their brand equity

Fading brands rely on a careful selection of methods in order to revive their brand value

MAC and Nokia are two very different brands in different stages, however brand management theory is highly applicable to both of them Conclusion (Mintel, 2012) References (Part 4) Ross, E. and Holland, A. (2007) M.A.C Cosmetics – how they got started [Online] Available at: http://www.thecoolhunter.net/article/detail/977/mac-cosmetics--how-they-got-started (Accessed on: 29 December 2012).

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