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The Odyssey

No description

Taylor Quinn

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of The Odyssey

Drew Marchione and Taylor Quinn The Odyssey by Homer Written 700 B.C.
Sequel to the Iliad
Written in the poetic dialect of Greek
12,110 of dactylic hexameter The Odyssey tells the tale of the great hero Odysseus as he returns to his home in Ithaca after many years of war in Troy. Throughout his journey Odysseus encounters many monsters and obstacles but is also aided by Athena. The Odyssey Odysseus' first struggle is escaping the captivity of Calypso. Aided by the gods, Odysseus builds his own raft and begins to sail home. But after 17 days his raft is destroyed by Poseidon. After two days of floating he reaches the shores of Scherie. Inhabitants of the island, Arete and Alcinous, aid Odysseus and after several days Odysseus reveals his identity and begins to tell of his travels. His tales included: How two of his men were brainwashed by the lotus eaters Blinding the cyclops, and then facing his father, Poseidon's, wrath How his crew wasted Aeolus' gift of all the winds, prolonging their journey How all his ships, minus his own, were destroyed by cannibals How Circe turned half of his men into swine and then bargained with Odysseus for their humanity in exchange for his love
Odysseus sacrifices to the dead
How his crew outwitted the sirens with beeswax in order to avoid their enchanting songs
Passing the six headed monster, Scylla, and the whirlpool, Charybdis How Odysseus' men all got killed in a shipwreck after killing the sun god's cattle
How he survived the shipwreck and washed ashore and was held captive by Calypso until she was ordered to release him by Zeus seven years later After hearing his tales, Arete and Alcinous aid Odysseus in returning home Upon his arrival home Odysseus is reunited with his son but finds his home to be filled with suitors. Disguised as a beggar, Odysseus goes to his home and talks to his queen, Penelope. To expel the suitors, Penelope says that she will marry the man who can string her husbands old bow and shoot an arrow throw twelve axes. Being his own bow, Odysseus conquers this task and then kills all of the suitors. Odysseus reveals his identity to his wife and proves it is truly him by telling her how he made their bed from an olive tree. During their homecoming meal kin of the suitors seek revenge for their sons' deaths but Athena intervenes and prevents another major battle. Odysseus Attributes Witty Mind
Top-notch athlete
Patience Frailties Hubris
His love for women
His men Quality of Relationships Loved by his men
Wife stays faithful for all of his absence
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