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Advertising the beauty ideal

No description

Chelsea Halamka

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Advertising the beauty ideal

Advertising the beauty ideal
We see 3,000 ads daily

Violence Against Women

* Micro-Level Explanations
-"unhealthy relationships" among partners
-innate sexual craving
-mental health problems
-personal dysfunction on the part of perpetrators
Violence Against Women
"Violence in any of the three domains-physical, social, or psychological-has significant repercussions in the other two domains. Violence occurs not only between individuals, but also between groups and society." -Hussein Bulhan (p. 135)
Women's Health
Women's Health
Mental and Emotional Health
Body Image
Women's Health Issues
Violence Against Women

Every women has their own experience with these issues, based on many different levels of analysis.
Ideal Beauty Ads Show
White or light skin color
The Black Beauty Myth (2002)
Sirena J. Riley
*Macro-Level Explanations
-"Macro level explanations focus on the cultural legitimation of male violence and the economic, political, and legal systems that marginalize, discriminate against, and dis empower women." -Gwyn Kirk & Margo Okazawa-Rey (p.267)
Silence Hurts
Chelsea Halamka
Madeline Ciak
Britny Livingston
Brittney Walker
Brittney Ogle

"Perfect Woman"
Black woman being praised for positive relationships with their bodies
White women being insecure about their bodies
How this makes us sick
Reproductive Health
Controlling Fertility
-Birth Control

Medicalization of Reproductive Life
-Reproductive Technologies

Against Religion
-Orthodox Jewish
-Sued Lancome
-Damages, false advertisements
She wasn't sick, but she was out $45 (that *is* kind of sick)
Women put their mental health at risk:
-Touching Self
-Caressing objects/products
-Body contorted
Sickening: It's demeaning but it's perpetuated in our culture. It ruins their self-image, self-esteem and mental health.
-Health and Aging
-Getting older-Diseases
-Margret Cruickshank
-Social construction of aging
-argued that "aging in America is shaped more by beliefs, customs and traditions, than bodily changes"
Mental, Physical and Psychological Health of Women
Overall Bodily Health
-The worlds deadliest disease (p. 219)
-Health Disparities

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