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Beyond Z: Branding & Elevator Pitch

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on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Beyond Z: Branding & Elevator Pitch

Communicating about Beyond Z
with clarity & brevity
1. Practice elevator pitch writing
2. Learn/apply best practices
3. Iterate with team

5 mins
individually write your 30 second to 1 minute long pitch
1. be specific and focus on

the problem we solve

develop answers to the following questions:
What do we do?
Who do we do it for?
Why should this person care?
(Or, What's in it for them?)
the best pitches make sense to people

15 mins
individually, create a second draft of your pitch applying these best practices
then, in groups of 3, share your pitches aloud and then incorporate elements of each into a new group pitch
Beyond Z Branding
basic identity & application
1. share progress thus far
2. hear responses
3. gather feedback

2. the 3 w's

3. don't use fancy words or jargon
4. pitch yourself, not your ideas
5. iterate
- not macro and not micro
- not always about how you change the world
- people's curiosity is sparked when they can relate to what you do
in start ups, the idea can change/evolve
highlight what you're doing instead
also allows you to differentiate
this is something that will change over time -- even your most basic pitch -- as you better understand the work and continue to speak to new audiences about it

Backpacks for our Zonders
- presented during orientation
- materials satisfy at least 1 of 3 needs

General “swag” items
these are the standard items that all swag/ grab-bags would typically have that we should likely include
Products of "cool"
as a new brand, an immediate way to make BZ “cool” to our students is to create a relationship between our brand and already “cool” brands
Culture-building pieces
things that allow kids to feel connected to one another as a part of this program, as well as bring their unique voices out
USB drives
Pens/ Pencils
Note from Zuckerberg
Flags/ Pennants
First Badge
Core words bracelets
TOMS sunglasses
best practices
(behind the scenes)
Language Guide
1. General content hub
2. Differentiation for audiences
3. What we always/never use
4. Metaphors broken down
Ongoing Elevator Pitch Work
1. "Homework" from this session
2. Follow up on team call
3. Team-approved pitches
guiding q's
Which pitch feels most effective?
What do we like?
What doesn't resonate?
What pieces stand out?
complete the Google doc just emailed to you by Monday with some sample 30sec pitches for varying audiences

leave notes/thoughts on your fellow team members' pitches
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