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roots of congress 2

No description

kristina davis

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of roots of congress 2

1774. passed resolutions declaring
the intolerable acts to be unlawful
(boycott against british businesses Roots
of Congress understanding British
Roots. House Of Lords House of Commons (5) What is Congress?
(1) Alex cruse
Montana Sellers
Kristina Davis
Cedrick Reed To understand how congress developed
we should start with the British. The
British rules in America until the American
Revolution in 1776. over the course of
American history, a body called Parliament had
evolved. There were two parts House of Lords
and House of Commons. The House of lords was made up of the men
from landowning aristocracy (lords or peers)
whose membership was passed down from
generations from father to son, and certain high churchman. Were elected by property owners in
the towns. Congress voted for independence
On July 4, 1776, it passed the
Dec. of IND.which said that governments
should revive power from the people and
announced Americas right to declare itself free from british rule. The Continental
Congress(3) The continental congress passed
resolutions declaring the Intolerable Acts to be unlawful and calling for boycotts against all British business The United states congress
is one of the branches of our government
It is called the legislative branch.( it has the
power to make and pass laws)

(2) Congress was made up of 56 elected
members and a senate. Thomas Paine convinced
many colonists that independence was a sensible option Common Sense(4)
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