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Battle of Palo Alto

No description

Emilee Gahn

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Battle of Palo Alto

Battle of Palo Alto In the Mexican-American War (3) This war was fought on May 8th, 1846, in present-day Brownsville, Texas. It began in early afternoon. The U.S. was so brave that they came 8OO yards away from the Mexicans. Fun Facts! Zachary Taylor After a final attempt to pressure Mexico to settle on a boundary for Texas and to sell California, Secretary of War Marcy ordered General Taylor to move his army to the Rio Grande on March 8th, 1846. General Taylor was headed towards the rivers north bank, directly opposite the Mexican town of Matamoras. His army began constructing an earthen fortification called Fort Texas, in present-day Brownsville. Taylor got his supplies from Point Isabel. Supplies came by ship across the Gulf of Mexico to an offshore island, moved by ferry to Point Isabel and then went to Fort Texas, 20 miles to the west. (5) (6) The men spent up to 8 hours a day during much of their encampment practicing regimental and brigade manuevers, marksmanship, and bayonet techniques, and conducting parades, reviews, and other necessary drills. It was very hard. After the winning of the war, Zachary Taylor was elected president. He was the 12th president. Did you know? He was the 2nd president to die in office. (6) Mariano Arista. He was the leader of the Mexicans. ~19th president of Mexico. ~In 1846, Arista was given command of the Army of the North and sent to expel American troops from Mexican territory in Texas ~This resulted in the bloody Mexican-American War. The U.S. forces defeat the Mexicans primarily through the use of mobile "Flying Artillery." "Flying Artillery" is also known as Horse-Drawn Artillery. Weapons Map Zachary Taylor is nicknamed "Rough & Ready." Picture of the battle American: Killed: 4 Wounded: 42 Mexican: Killed: 100 Wounded: 300 (6) (6) (4) (5) (8) (7) (9) (9) (10) (6) (11) Video about Palo Alto. THE END. (10) References: 3.) "Palo Alto" google.com/images Carl Nebel 9.27.12 4.) "Real Oil Paint Effect" v7n.com The v7n Network 5.7.2008 web. 10.1.12 5.)"Battle of Palo Alto" pbs.org US-Mexican War. 3.14.06 web. 10.1.12 6.) John S. Brown "Palo Alto + Resaca de la Rama." history.army.mil History. 3.15.06 web. 10.3.12 7.) "soldiers Sacked Days Before Pension Date" google. Heathcliff O'Malley 6.18.12 web. 10.5.12 8.) Wikipedia. "Mariano Arista" wikipedia.com 7.31.12 web. 10.9.12 9.)Denver Public School "The Three Main Battles" umich.edu web. 10.12.12 10.) emersonkent.com Board of Regents 1976 web. 10.12.12 11.) "Battle Of Palo Alto" latinamericanstudies.org web. 10.12.12
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