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Ewelme park

maths is everywhere

Emily Linsell

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Ewelme park

Ewelme park estate maths is everywhere Crops and Forestry The Livery what is livery? What do you need? Rotation of crops Vermin control Oilseed rape How to work out the age? how to work out the height? Hug a tree... Hug a tree is a method of working out the age of a tree with out cutting it down. This seems impossible, but whilst at Ewelme park we worked out the age of trees just by hugging them!!! We also worked out the height without mathematical resources.
1..Measure the circumference of the trunk in inches.
Use the trunk width at 4.5 feet off the ground.

2.Calculate the diameter and radius.
Diameter = Circumference divided by pi
Radius = Diameter divided by 2

3.Deduct the average tree bark width from the radius. Depending on the species, this will be between 0.25-1.0 inches.

4.Divide the radius by the width of one annual growth ring for that species. This will give you the approximate age of the tree in years.

Total cost: £41650.00

Total Income: £69275.00

Total Profit: £ 27625.00

Average Profit per Year: £425.00 Vermin are a problem on farms with forestry and crops.

Deer can eat leaves and destroy baby trees. There are three types of deer, at Ewelme park: Monk jacks, Roe and Farrow.
Farrow are the worst because they eat the leaves and knock into the trees with their antlers, also they they rub on the bark to get their fur off damaging the trees.

Squirrels also chew the bark off trees. Crops usually grow better and cost less to grow if grown in sequence. If you grow the same crop year after year in the same field, weeds, pests and disease specific to that crop, build up and can be such a problem that growing can be reduced by as much as half that which would normally be expected.
farmers often try to make money in different ways to crops. one of these ways is keeping and looking after horses in livery yards.
there are lots of different options of livery, depending on how much time you can spend with your horse. To care for your horse you need:
hay, straw or shavings, feed, vets fees and insurance, farrier, dentist, and worming. Extras of these things sometimes are needed. Why?? 1.Find the tree you want to know the height of.

2.Hold a stick at arms length in line with your shoulder.

3.Hace the tree and walk backwards until the end of the stick is in line with the top of the tree.

4.Then get some one else to pace the steps between you and the tree.

5.Finally divide the number of steps by 14, then times 10. This gets the of the tree. Forestry Phase 1 Phase one is planting, this takes about a week. You need whips, tree guards and stakes. Phase 2 Phase 2 is maintenance this takes 60-70 years. you need to brash, prune, weed, spray and vermin control. Phase 3 Phase 3 is harvest. At the end of harvest you only have 35% of what you started. Straight trees with no forks are worth more. Phase one costs about £36250 Phase 2 costs about
£47050 Phase 3 makes about £33750 Total cost: £10545.00

Total income: £22942.00

Total profit: £12397.50 Size of field: 15 ha
Costs: £
Price/ha Cost/field

Cost of seed 65.00 975.00
Cultivations 148.00 2220.00
Cost of fertilizer 245.00 38130.00
Cost of spray 148.00 2220.00
Cost of Harvest 83.00 1245.00
c/o vermin control 5.00 75.00
Total cost 10545.00 What can it be used for? Oilseed rape can be used for: lipstick, soap, paint, driving oil and cooking oil The bright yellow flowers of oil seed rape cover 0.5 million hectares each year producing around 1.5 million tonnes of seed. Rape is processed to produce vegetable oil which is widely used in food products
Grass livery This type of livery means that the horse lives 24/7 in a field. the owner is responsible for complete care of the horse. DIY stabled livery This type of livery gives the owner a stable to keep there horse in. The owner has to completely care for it. Part livery This type of livery is similar to DIY but looking after the horse is shared. This is for people who work 5 day a week and can't completely look after the horse. The owner of the horse looks after and rides the horse on the weekend. Full livery Livery yard staff are responsible for all care of the horse on a daily basis. This is ideal for owners who work seven days a week and have no spare time working livery If you choose this livery the horse is kept at any of the previously mentioned livery's. But a reduced rate is charged in exchange for the horse owner allowing the livery yard to use there horse in riding lessons. By Ciara, Jess and Emily
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