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Assisstive Technology in Special Education

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Alexandra Claire

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Assisstive Technology in Special Education

Hearing/ Listening
"What will best help my students to succeed?"
Technology in Special Education
http://www.greatschools.org/special-education/assistive-technology/702-assistive-technology-for-kids-with-learning-disabilities-an-overview.gs?page=all Assistive Technology
Within Special Education, and even General Education, we are going to experience teaching special children. There are many forms of Assistive Technology that we can utilize to help our students learn and succeed in our future classrooms.
*Mouth Stick and Head Wand:
helps with typing for those who cannot use their hands (downside: fatigue)
*Single Switch Access:
use in conjunction with software to navigate via "clicks"
Sip and Puff Switch:
interprets breathing patterns to navigate online or control wheelchair
*Eye Tracking & Voice Recognition Software
*Adaptive Keyboard and Oversized Trackball Mous
(Speech/ Communication)

Bridging Apps
-most can be purchased on itunes. Hundreds of games and applications to foster independence and learning.

has hundreds of apps for students with exceptionalities. Apps are for the Ipad, ipod and Iphone.

Crick Software
- created for students with exceptionalities. Helps with functional life skills, uses
adaptive input devices, increased independence and so much more.

Word Prediction Software
- Aurora Suite, CO Writer Solo, SpeakQ etc. An added bonus of prediction software is that it is an approved accommodation for the new PARCC testing.
Devices used to assist individuals with difficulties in communication/ speech (AAC):
- text to speech generator through use of a keyboard
Voice Amplifier
- enhances volume of voice for those with weak voices or throat problems/ portable and comes with amplifier pack (Chattervox)
Picture Communicators
- regular and electronic boards with pictures to show in order for a student who is non-verbal to communicate

ALD (Assistive Listening Devices)
HAT (Hearing Assistive Technology)
used for listening situations in educational settings:
Enhances and improves sound beyond hearing aids and cochlear implants/ connects microphone to transmitter and then to a receiver and separates sounds from background noise.
FM systems
- relay an appropriate and consistent intensity of volume of teacher’s voice throughout the classroom, no matter the distance in between or background noise/ personal systems

Braille Reader:
direct touch input device; can connect to computer to print Braille on paper as well

Screen Magnifier:
magnifies image on computer screen (hardware/

web-based screen reader (FREE)

Low Browse add-on:
presents web pages as they were intended to be viewed by the designer

Talking Items:
pill bottle, thermometer, watch, phone, timer, calculator, color identifier

Large-print books and books on tape
Visual Aids
Mobility Technology /Devices
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