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Techniques for writing to persuade

Annie Witcher

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Be a PERSUADER!

Writing to Persuade When was the last time you tried to persuade someone to do something for you? P
R Personal Pronouns
Emotive Language
Rhetorical Question
Statistics and Facts
Use of an Authority Figure
Description and Imagery
Rule of Three Be a Persuader! Why would people write to persuade? Personalise the delivery by using
Your Personal Pronouns Strongly expressed opinion and dramatic vocabulary.
Appeal to the heart Emotive Language A question that doesn't need an answer.
Used to focus on the main point. Rhetorical Question Used to prove and back up your point.
In your own writing you can make these up...
"99% of facts are made up" Statistics and Facts To make it sound as if your argument is spot on and the experts agree with you.
(You can use a real person or make up a name and a position) Use of an Authority Figure Repetition of closely connected words beginning with the same letter.
It is used to highlight the feeling of sound and movement, to intensify meaning, or to bind words together. Alliteration Create a picture in the readers mind using desciptive words or similes. Description and Imagery A simile is a comparison using the words

Remember they simile sounds like similar. Simile "Save me. I am scared, lost and lonely since my mother was killed."
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