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The Plymouth Colony

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on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of The Plymouth Colony

-Last effort of the Indians in Southern New England to drive out the English Settlers
- Led by Metacom, the Pokunoket cheif
- Lasted 14 months and destroyed 12 frontier towns
-Ended when Metacom was beheaded
-The Win showed the English that God was with them
-The English used the time following the war to expand their land into former Indian land

The Plymouth Colony
Where is Plymouth? Is it safe?
A Tour to Plymouth Colony!
Government of Plymouth Colony
- Mayflower Compact was used to govern the colony. (Mainly self-governance)

Key Term: Mayflower Comapact: Rules and plans of government for Pilgrims to choose leaders and government (Having the right or power of self-government. For I.E, William Bradford.)

How was the location in Plymouth Colony?
-Separatists wanted to create a new community based on their
religious beliefs.

-Wanted to escape persecution that they faced in England.

-Wanted to create a sustaining colony. (Brought their whole families to make the colony last and worked together to achieve success.)

: Separatist -> People who wanted to separate from The Anglican Church of England.
Why did Plymouth Colony Begin?
-Since people relied on environment, there was no need for money.

-As new settlers arrived, people started trading
crops and furs with the Dutch.
Economy of Plymouth Colony
Myles Standish
New People, New Tribes?
-With the Native Americans' greet, "Welcome Englishmen" (Samoset) , the Indians quickly became good friends with the Puritains.

-Signed peace treaty with Wampanoag tribe, which lasted over 50 years. Some of the conditions included:

1)Neither party would harm each other

2)Leave weapons behind when meeting

3)Serve as allies in time of war
For Greed and Money
Shelter in Plymouth
- Built tents.

-Later built huts

- In the long run, learned to build cabins from Swedish people.

* Only one room in the house

William Bradford
Born- March 1590 in Yorkshire, England

Religion- Protestant

Imigrated over to Norh America on the Mayflower in 1620

Helped create the Mayflower Compact

In 1621 elected 2nd governor of Plymouth Colony

King Phillip's War Broke Out!
-> It is located in the Cape Cod Bay.
-> It is South of Salem and Boston.

-Rolling hills
-Fertile valleys

Natural resources: fishing for cod, whaling, hunting, trees, , gravel, stone, lime, and clays.

The first settlers got to Plymouth at the begining of winter. --> Couldn't plant crops as almost half of them died from starvation, malnutrition, and disease.
MLA Bibliography
-When more people from England came, thought they were religiously better than the natives. (For God, Glory and Money!)

-As a result, they started to push the Natives to the West, taking their land.

Watch how Pilgrims Settled
Plymouth Families
-> Men mainly worked in the fields, hunted, and tended to livestock.

-> Women mainly worked on household needs such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children, and tended to the chickens

-> On average, each family had 8-9 children born (only about 3 survived)

Positive Effects
- Close to Cape Cod (Fish production)
- Many trees for firewood
-Abandoned Wampanoag Community with cleared fields
-Location was on a hill for easy protection

Negative Effects
- Around 1 to 8 month growing season (Plantation difficulty)
-Rocky Soil made it hard to farm
-Harsh winter killed many Pilgrims.
-Earned commission in English army supporting Dutch Protestants.

-Positioned the buildings of Plymouth in a strategic order to protect the colony

-Built a fence around the settlement to protect from an indian attack

- Part of Puritan Congregation

Who were some important people?

John Carver was the first governor after John Carter died. He was governor for less than a year before he died.
Learn more about the Separatists
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Pilgrims wanted to have religious freedom and profits!
They later had a feast,
Did you get all the information? Still struggling? Click here to see the summary!

William Brewster
-Financed the the seperatists move to Holland

-Influencial in the planning of the Plymouth Colony, but stayed in Holland

-Helped William Bradford and Edward Winslow in leading the Plymouth Colony (success)
-He was trading with Indians in beaver furs for making hats.
*Established good realations with the Indians. HOWEVER...
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