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A Separate Peace

No description

Alyssa Burke

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of A Separate Peace

A Separate Peace
By John Knowles
Gene and Finny are two 16 year old boys
who live their life during WW2. The two become close in friendship, due to them becoming roommates. Gene is a very smart but introverted boy and Finny is an athletic and handsome daredevil. Gene soon becomes jealous of Finny and this makes him believe that Finny is also jealous of Gene's academic abilities. This causes the two to become closer but at the same time farther, in friendship.
Symbols and Themes
World War 2: symbolizes conflict and enemy because it shows that an enemy is an aspect of human life.
Warfare: Gene and Finny live during WW2 but also have their own personal war that Finny is unaware about.
Jealousy: Gene is extremely jealous of Finny's athletic abilities which causes most of the conflicts and events in the story.
The major conflict in "A Separate Peace" is the conflict of jealousy between Gene and Finny when Gene becomes jealous of Finny's abilities.
Another conflict in the story is the war going on during their lives(WW2).
A Separate Peace
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