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PlayStation History

No description

Charlie Gislason

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of PlayStation History

PlayStation History
By Charlie G.
About PlayStation
PlayStation was made by Sony. Sony made a long line of PlayStations since 1994. I'm going to talk about the types of PlayStations Sony made and a brief description of them.
PlayStation 1
This is one of the consoles Sony First made,it came out on 1994 for japan and 1995 in Australia and North America it ran 32 bit graphics and shipped 100 million copies, the system it self was a gray kind of like a container shape that played PS1 games. it wasn't a bad console at that time and was pretty good.
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 2 came out 2000 March4. It bloke gaming records for selling the most copies of the system, more then 1.5 billion were sold. More then 3874 game titles were released for this system. Sony made two types of the PS2, a bulky version of it and a smaller version then the first.

PlayStation Portable (PSP)

The PSP was a portable system released in 2005. It was able to connect to the PS3, other PSP's, and the internet. The PSP had to compete with other portable systems like the DS from Nintendo and others. Sony released different types of the systems, the PSP slim and the PS Go which relied on downloaded content from the PlayStation store instead of disks.
PlayStation 3 (PS3)

The PS3 was an upgrade of the PS2, including wireless controllers,
HDMI, Blue-ray disks, able to connect to a wireless router, online game store, and online features on many games (i.e multiplayer, co-op ect.) There happened to be some small problems PSN (PlayStationNetwork) getting hacked in 2010 and 2014. They made many versions for better storage ect. including a slim smaller version of the PS3. They were released in 2006. With the wireless controllers they added a thing called Sixaxis which if you move the controller, it would react to the game by movement.
PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita was made in 2012. it was an upgraded version PSP. Including 2 joysticks instead of one, a front and back camera built in, touch screen, and two buttons on back like the controller for the PS3. It came with many more games than the PSP and had more variety of games.
PlayStation 4 (PS4)

The PS4 was released in late 2013. It added video game streaming, better graphics, a better online system, and the controller included has a small speaker and a touch pad. They re-released most of the good PS3 games and able to play many games from PS3. The down side was that you had to pay for playing on multiplayer ect on games
The End
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