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The differences between Egypt and Mesopotamia

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christian pritt

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of The differences between Egypt and Mesopotamia

The differences and similarities between Egypt and Mesopotamia
Writing and Record Keeping
Complex Technologies
Government and law codes
Specialized Jobs
Social Classes
Highly Organized Religion
Egypt rulers were successful military leaders
In Egypt pharaoh + divine, hereditary, needed support from priests
Mesopotamia had issued written law codes
Mesopotamia administered justice
They both had kings
They both had command labor
Population spread more evenly
More villages based
The empire grew up too far upriver and into southwest Asia
Sumer, Akkad
8O% urban
Center of manufacturing
Located in Tigris/Euphrates river valley
They both had villages
Only high ranks in society could write
Wrote about royalty and religion
3600 BCE writing appears, clay tablets
Recorded info.
Earliest writing = pictographs
They both had recorded info.
They both wrote down commerce and government
In Egypt after- life depended on divine judgment
Priests government early city-states
Later- King controls, hereditary position controlled of military
Represented forces of nature

They both had many gods
After-life was shadowy world of sadness
They had Priestesses
Both had temples in there cities
Egypt and Mesopotamia had a decent size cities
If a women talked back to a man she would get her face crushed with a brick
Men and women could share land
There religion was strongly influenced by tradition, which caused them to resisted to change
In Ancient Egypt they had pharaohs
They also had tomb builders which build tombstones for the dead
they had vizer which is the second my powerful official
In Mesopotamia they had prophet which
In Mesopotamia they had weavers which made clothes and sold them to the public
They also had prophets which was a inspired teacher

They both had teachers and scribes
They also had queens and priests
Both of them had farmers,labors and artists
This was the social classes from highest to lowest ranking
This was the ranking from high to low
They both had slaves and farmers and store owners at the bottom
They had more upper class at the top at the ranking chart like kings and queens
Mesopotamia and Egypt differences and similarities
Why we would want to live in Egypt?
Yanni and Christian thoughts.
I would want to live in Egypt because there is a lot of space in the cities and because they have big temples and pyramids. Also they have much more power than Mesopotamia. I think that because Egypt has pharaohs and more government laws and the laws are more violet. Like in one of the laws in Mesopotamia if a women talks back to a man she gets her face crushed with a brick. Also the empire grew more farther and got all the way up to southwest Asia. Those are our thoughts on why we should live in Egypt.
The egyptians had a water clock and a sundial
They also had big stone pyramids
The Mesopotamia's had the first seeder plow and the first wheel at 3500 BCE
They also had the first to harness the wind as a energy source by using a sail
Egypt and Mesopotamia both had big and small monuments
They also both had a calender
By: Yanni Stavropoulos and Christian Pritt
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