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1980's Entertainment

No description

Averie Allwein

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of 1980's Entertainment

How the '80s came to Be -Imagine how life would have been without the 1980’s.
-Many wonderful things happened.
- Good and bad changes.
-Thesis Statement: The 1980’s in America defines the beginning of some of the best films of all time, new forms and genres of music, and some of the most memorable moments in sports history. Madonna - Who I am.
- Born August 16, 1958.
- Grew up in Bay City, Michigan.
- Why I moved to New York.
- How I started my singing career. Film
- Some of the best movies ever.
- Star Wars, one of the most well known films.
- “Luke I am your father.” is from Star Wars.
- Biggest shock in cinematic history.
- Disney's The Little Mermaid, children's icon.
- Inspirational films like E.T. Music - New forms of music.
- MTV started, launched many musician’s careers.
- MTV produced a new rock and roll vibe.
- Michael Jackson’s Thriller sold in between 51 to 65 million copies worldwide. Sports - Memorable moments in Olympic history.
- “The Miracle on Ice."
- In the 1984 Olympic games, Mary Lou Retton was the first American woman to win a gold medal in gymnastics. The Inspirational '80s
- World known movies.
- New ways of expressing music
- Memorable moments in sports history.
- The 1980s influenced many people.
- The 1980’s was a big part in people’s lives, it has influenced many things.
-it is how America became America. 1980s Entertainment Madonna By: Averie A. Work Cited http://80music.about.com/od/80sbackgroundcultu2/p/mtvprofile.htm
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