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American Society of Civil Engineers

First Meeting!

Anne Zheng

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of American Society of Civil Engineers

First meeting! American Society of Civil Engineers Point System Agenda: Introductions
Point System
Budget Report
Upcoming events
Questions? Major events:
Career Fair
Annual ASCE Conference Last semester Banquet End of the trip Passed the load test! Steel Bridge Competition Water Treatment/Land Development Concrete Bowling ball Recycled Mini-golf/Surveying Self Generating Revenue (SGR)
Remaining- $1,376.03

Student Funding Board (SFB)

CEIE- TBD Budget Report Fall Semester Events at ASCE Self Generated Revenue
Career Fair- $704.97
VT Registration/conference-$1,600

Conference Cost- $6109.97
Tools/Materials- $1000.00
Annual BBQ- $250
Total-$7359.97 Last Years Budget New this year
Active vs. Inactive members
End of the year goal
project General meetings: 2 pts
Social meetings: 1 pt
Fundraisers: 10 pts total
setting up/preparation: 5 pts
actively participating in the fundraiser: 5 pts
ex: Car wash
Prep: Advertising, helping set up the buckets/water/system
Participation: Bringing your car, washing others cars, having your friends bring their cars, holding signs, etc.
Major ASCE GMU Sponsored Activities: 10 pts total
Tours: i.e. Chesapeake Bay Boat Tour
Career Fair:
5 pts setup,
5 pts attendance
Any other events/requests Point system Break down **Minimum of 10-15 in order to qualify for ASCE** Annual Conference *Point scale is subject to change based on actual involvement/participation in activities. The given numbers are the maximum number of points that can be achieved and are delegated through the officers and their judgements. 2nd Place! 3rd Place! Tentative Dates:
October 17
October 24
Car washes
Cotton candy/Snow cone sales
Percent day
20% of local restaurant profits Fundraising! Knowledge Building Professional Development September 23rd, (9am - 2pm)
Sunoco 102 Maple Avenue West, Vienna, Va. Car Wash! What’s going on?
How you get involved?
“What’s in it for me?" Social Mixers
What would you like to see? Social Events It’s FUN, so take a break!
Meet People!
Complain about classes! Networking Opportunities
Career Fair Start thinking about a “career”.
Get a job!
Learn about what is out there. We're Engineers, let’s get “hands on”.
Show your stuff, what are you really learning? Annual ASCE Conference
Hot lanes
Chesapeake Bay 5 points for helping out!
or 5 points for coming out! Feel Free to Share! Any Other Ideas? Please contact us through gmuasce@gmail.com
or through Facebook groups and Twitter!
Just search American Society of Civil Engineers GMU Questions? Thank you and feel free to mingle! OLD Website Website Report https://sites.google.com/site/gmuasce/home New Website Chesapeake Bay Boat Tour October 12th, Time: TBD
We will have panera lunches
Health Forms!
What to wear:
old tennis shoes (NO open toed shoes or aqua socks)
comfortable, old clothing that you will not mind getting wet or dirty T-Shirt Design contest! Winner! New Steel Bridge Team Captain! Zach Malone
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