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PlayTree 1 Day 5_New Edition

No description

RnD 1 Pangram

on 31 August 2017

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Transcript of PlayTree 1 Day 5_New Edition

Day 5
I Go to school

Warm Up
Wrap Up
Warm Up
Nursery Rhyme
Let's Move!
Main Lesson
Which is NOT a book?
Open Your Student Book
Where is the book?
Story Time
Hello, I'm Ben. I go to school.
my teacher
my friends
my room
I listen.
I learn.
I play.
I eat.
Tell students the story about Ben. If possible, ask them to tell the story.
(I have a) book.
I go to school with my friend.
Oh, no. My bookbag is open.
Where are my
Where is my
Where are my
While doing a chant, point to the book.
Student Book pp. 20~23
After doing this activity, ask students to find books around the classroom.
Review the story with students.
Ask students if they are books. While leading students
to answer, emphasize the word '
Teacher Talk: Are they books? Right. They are
Teacher Talk: (pointing to the book) Is it a book? Good job. It's a
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