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Nature vs. Nurture

No description

Shaila Rivera

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Nature vs. Nurture

Nature vs. Nurture
Process-Focused Killers
Process-Focused Killers are those who kill slowly. Kill slowly as in make their victims feel pain like torture or rape, etc before killing them. Out of the 17 killers, there were 13 process-focused killers.
Rodney Alcala raped, sodomized, beat, kidnapped, assaulted, and tortured is victims.
Jeffrey Dahmer drugged, sexually assaulted, then murder them by either strangling or stabbing his victims.
Albert Fish raped, cannibalized, whipped his victims with a paddle-laced with sharp nails and then murdered his victims.
Jerry Brudos raped, tortured, and cut off his victims body parts.
Lust-Focused Killers
Lust-Focused killers are those who kill for sexual pleasure. Out of the 17 serial killers, 12 were lust-focused serial killers.
David Berkowitz found killing women sexually arousing.
The BTK Killer, Dennis Rader left his semen at the scenes of crimes to get sexual pleasure.
Albert Fish acted out his sexual fantasies on the children he murdered.
Ed Geins killed for sexual desire because he was a necrophiliac.
A Serial Killer is a result of both nature and nurture. This is because most of the serial killers in the chart have come from experiences that have impacted them from their childhood/ society surroundings that have made them become a serial killer and some have come from being born with the mindset of becoming a serial killer from brain injuries etc. In the chart the percentage of male serial killers was 80% while the female serial killers was only 20%. The average age that these serial killers started their "killing spree" would start was around 30 years old. Based on the research, there was multiple types of victims described in the research such as female and males, children, heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual, and as well as racial status to help classify these serial killers as a result of both nature and nurture. The average number of victims killed would be from 3-400 plus. Out of the 11 serial killers researched, 10 had childhood problems, such as broken homes, being put up for adoption, abuse, abandonment, and neglect. Since the serial killers are both a result of nature and nurture, out of the 11, only 3 had mental illnesses and out of those 3, 1 had brain injury. Out of the 11 serial killers, only 1 exhibited the Macdonald Triad, showing cruelty to animals. Serial killers are a result of both nature and nurture.
Sociopath Killers
Sociopaths are volatile, and are prone to fits of rage. They are unable to hold a steady job and they have no regard for society or its rules and and tend to be disorganized. Out of the 17 serial killers, 2 were sociopaths.
Jerry Brudos was a sociopath. He felt love to his wife at one time and he would never plan the killings.
Donald Gaskins was a sociopath. Donald Gaskins because he was always violent, always getting in trouble, he quit school, and he was unable to hold a steady job and he had a ton of hatred towards women.
Psychopath Killers
Psychopaths are those who are unable to form emotional attachments or feel empathy. They are often charming, manipulative, and easy to gain people's trust, they appear to be normal to unsuspecting people and are often well-educated and can hold steady jobs and carefully plan their crimes in detail from start to finish. Out of the 17 serial killers, 14 were psychopaths.
Ed Geins was a psychopath. He showed no remorse and would construct items of skin with the women he killed and would drape it on himself as a female.
Albert Fish was a psychopath, he was the most vile pedophile and killer of all time, he was very perverse and cruel. He would turn his executions into fantasies for pleasure. He plead innocent by the reason of insanity.
Joseph Kallinger, aka "The Shoemaker" was a psychopath. In jail, he set himself on fire. He set his house on fire twice, he murdered his son an he killed a convict. He had psychopathological nervous disorder, which people thought he was faking his disorder.
Ian Brady & Myra Hindley
Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were a murder couple. They both started their killing spree when Myra was twenty-three years old and Ian was twenty-seven years old. Myra Hindley met Ian Brady once she started working as a stock clerk and Ian was a security guard.They were both process-focused killers. They would kidnap their victims first and then rape them and lastly murder them.They were considered lust-focus killers, and thrill killers because once they finished the killings they would laugh about it and have conversations about it together. Ian Brady was not intelligent in school meanwhile Myra Hindley was. Ian at a young age was given up for adoption since his mother was not able to support him. Myra Hindley lived with her grandmother. Myra Hindley and Ian Bradey were psychopaths because they were very manipulative, they could hold steady jobs, and they would plan their killings together. Myra Hindley and Ian Bradey were both caught because of the confessions of Ian's cousin. Myra Hindley died on November 16,2002 from respiratory failure.
The BTK Killer
Dennis Rader, aka the "BTK" Killer was a family killer. He started his killings at twenty-nine years old. He was an act-focused killer. He would strangle and stab his victims until they died. He was classified as a lust killer because he would leave his semen at the scenes of crimes to get sexual pleasure. He killed families, boys and girls in their late teens-early twenties. As a child, he was cruel to animals. He would hang stray cats. He was considered a psychopath because he was manipulative and was able to keep his murder life a secret. BTK stands for bind, torture, and kill. When he was caught, he plead guilty and was charged with 10 counts of first degree murder. During his trial he described the gruesome details to the observers without any sign of remorse or emotions. He is now situated in the Kansas Prison serving his sentence.
The Zodiac Killer is an unknown killer until this day. He was an act-focused killer. He shot his victims, he didn't care about torturing his victims. He killed both males and females, or couples, but there was no specific target. The Zodiac Killer was convicted for 5 out of the 37 murders he had done. The Zodiac Killer was never caught but may be assumed to be dead because he stopped killing for unknown reasons. His murders occurred from 1968-1969. From 1966-1974, The Zodiac Killer provided more than 20 written communications to police officers. He was never caught but many people have been accused as the Zodiac Killer, there have been more than 2,500 potential suspects. He threatened the lives of others in his letters, which he signed with a giant crossed circle.
Thrill Killers
Power Killers
Gain Killers
The Zodiac Killer
Donald Gaskins
Thrill Killers are those who get a kick from killing their victims. Out of the 17 serial killers there were 8 thrill killers.
Salison Jose Das Gracas said that murders filled the void in his life.
The Zodiac Killer did not rape or do anything at all to his victims, he just killed them by either shooting or stabbing.
John Wayne Gacy liked killing his victims. He would knock out his victims until they were unconscious and he would torture and rape them.
Angelo Buono said that murder was always on his mind.
Power Killers are those who kill because wish to pay god or be in charge of life and death. Out of the 17 serial killers, only 3 were power killers.
Aileen Wuornos stated that she hated human life and she would kill again. She violently killed strangers or she shot them.
Joseph Kallinger, aka "The Shoemaker" stated that he would receive orders from God to kill his victims. He would slash his victims throats, and he would cut off their genitals and drown them.
Donald Gaskins was a power killer. He committed his first murder in attempt to become a power man.
Gain Killers killed because they believed that it would profit them in one way or another. Out of the 17 serial killers, one was a gain killer.
Jeffrey Dahmer killed to get skulls for a shrine.
Donald "Pee-Wee" Gaskins was a process focused killer. He started his killings at age of thirteen. He would rape and torture and drown his victims. During his childhood, he was teased and was given the nickname Pee-Wee as a result of his small body frame. His mother had different boyfriends who would treat him with disdain and would beat him. His mother could not protect him so he was left alone. He was considered a sociopath because he was always violent and was always getting in trouble. He ended up quitting school at age eleven and started on cars. He met two boys who would soon team-up and call themselves the "Trouble-Trio" They would burglarize homes, pick up prostitutes, and sometimes rape little boys. He was unable to hold a steady job. He was arrested and convicted with assault and intent to kill and was sent to the South Carolina Industrial School for Boys until he turned eighteen. He married a thirteen year old girl while he was in school but decided to return to the reform school to finish out his sentence. He committed his first killing in attempt to become a power man. He had a very strong hatred for women. He began confessing other murders to avoid the electric chair. If these confession ended up true, he would be considered the worst serial killer in South Carolina.
In conclusion, there is a difference between sociopaths and psychopaths. From the beginning of September, to now, we just thought a murderer was a murderer. But there are different kinds of killers, like lust killers, thrill killers, gain killers, and power killers. With these differences, there are also sociopaths and psychopaths. Psychopathy is related to physiological defects that result in the underdevelopment of the part of the brain responsible for impulse control and emotions. Sociopathy, is the product of childhood trauma and physical/emotional abuse. Serial killers are a result from nature, nurture, or both. In different circumstances, some serial killers had brain injury or mental illness while others were brought up poorly, therefore giving them no morals or values on what's right and wrong.
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