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Alexander England's Prezi

No description

Thomas Lum

on 21 February 2018

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Transcript of Alexander England's Prezi

My middle name is Ancheta
My favorite subject is Math
My favorite song
at the moment is

Exercising is one things I love to do!
My favorite book to read is Goosebumps
Blue is the color that matches me
Dogs are my favorite animals
My favorite holiday is Christmas
Red lobster is the best place to eat
Youtube/Vanossgaming are funny to watch
The Avengers are amazing to watch
My phone is called a T-moble
I cant live without my L.E.G.Os
I would like to travel
get married
be in a massive event before I
'm gone
I can't go without fried chicken
I mostly listen to I'm yours by Jason Mraz
I've always wanted to be a Fireman
If it were anywhere I'd be in germany
I've out of the country multiple times
I can speak both Tagalog & Spanish
I have 1 brother and 2 sister's
I like to go to Walmart
The quote I go by is
"There is no such thing as the weak, only the strong, the brave and the one's who try!!"
I look up to my dad
he is the one who works the hardest in the family.
Some people don't know but I have an overactive Imagination.
The cake there is AMAZING!!
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