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Copy of Unions and Co-ops Unite

No description

Matt Feinstein

on 18 April 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Unions and Co-ops Unite

10-Years-Old, 200-member businesses
...for an economy based on solidarity not exploitation...
Businesses that are unionized and co-op
Co-ops can help save the union
movement, and vice-versa.
The US Federation of Worker Cooperatives
What are union worker co-ops?
What we've done in Worcester
Benefits to the community/workers
Benefits to unions
6 Co-op Academies
Education, organizing, incubation
Cooperation Worcester
Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Worcester, MA
Inspired by Mondragon
Principles and Social Committees
Unions and Co-ops Unite!
Marketing (anchors), Back-end support, Advocacy

Ecology of Worker Co-ops
A Definition of Union Co-ops:
“A co-op that incorporates a relationship with a labor union as a model of organizing the workers rights part of the business enterprise.”
- Ed Whitfield, Fund for Democratic Communities

Mondragon International North America, United Stealworkers and Ohio Employee Ownership Center create a union co-op model template.

Cooperative Home Care Associates (NYC) and SEIU 1199 join forces in 1998 now over 2000 workers.
Solidarity News
Union committees provide another mechanism for worker control.
Management and workers can work together cooperatively to run the business, deal with grievances, conflict, HR, etc.
Push for living wages.
Better benefit packages.
Union labels, bugs, etc.
Networks and resources.
Co-ops are countering race to the bottom trend.
Co-ops are a pro-active approach. They provide a constructive way of dealing with closures and layoffs.
Organizing drives have proven a good “bang for the buck” requiring few paid staff and higher rates of success than many kinds of organizing drives.
Unions gain credibility and support of community organizations and allies working for family sustaining jobs.
They are replicable and can spread through union and social movement networks.
Living wage for all, real community ownership, justice.
Our Vision for Worcester
Local job creation with focus on communities hardest hit by de-industrialization, racism, xenophobia, sexism, and the prison system.
Industrial renaissance: manufacturing, building re-purposing
Purchase agreements from large institutions
Conversion of existing businesses into co-ops - Local job retention
Youth training and leadership
People’s economy based in solidarity and social justice
Member council:
and beyond...
WooRides Co-op
Intersection Cafe Co-op
WorX (Union Co-op with United Stealworkers)
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