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Moscow , Russia

Plan My Vacation Project

Nathan Vo

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Moscow , Russia

Moscow , Russia Where am I going ? Moscow is located in the far west of the country on the river Moskva. Geographic Coordinates Longitude - 37º 42' E Latitude - 55º 45' N Moscow is the capital of Russian Federation Moscow was Russia's capital before Peter the Great moved the capital to his new city, St. Petersburg. But Moscow never lost its intensity or spirit - one that has inspired authors and poets, ensnared the nobility with its charms, and proved to be the center of Soviet mystique during the Cold War. Moscow represents both the Russia of yesterday and the Russia of today. Important Info! Moscow, as Russia's capital city, is home to over 10 million residents and countless non-residents.
Religion plays a prominent role in the public and spiritual life of today’s Russia. Orthodox
Catholicism, Protestantism
Buddhism Map! Political Map Physical Map Thanks for your time!
By : Van Vo
Michael Zheng
Jonathan Nunez What's it like? Environmental Conditions July 1-2
Max Temperature 74 °F
Min Temperature 55 °F July 3-4
Max Temperature 73 °F
Min Temperature 54 °F July 8
Max Temperature 72 °F
Min Temperature 54 °F Religion Economic Net Work The climate is moderate continental: heavy frosts and extreme heat are rare, but departures from the norm often happen. Moscow is the smallest federal subject of the Russian Federation by land area.
Major Exports:
Petroleum, Petroleum Products, Natural Gas, Wood Products, Metals & Chemicals
Major Foreign Exchange Counters:Western Union
Key Industries:
Chemical, Metallurgy, Food, Textile, Furniture & Machinery Industries. About a half of the banks of Russia are located in Moscow.
Having largest number of billionaires after New York. Relax Sensation Moskva River
Volga River
Oke River
Klyazma River
Yauca River
Setun River
Skhodnyav River River System Room: QUEEN HILTON GUEST ROOM DATE Price per night TAX TOTAL (USD)
Each day !
Jul 2012 479.96 86.39 566.35
Room Subtotal: 3,964.45
• Hilton Eat Right Menu
• Hilton Serenity Bed
• In-Room Movie Channel
• LCD Flat Panel TV
• Non-Smoking
• On-Demand Movies
• On-Demand Video Games
• Separate Bathtub and Shower
• Separate Toilet Area
• Serta Suite Dreams(R) Bedding
• TV - 27 Inch
• TV-Cable
• TV-Pay per view
• TV-Standard Network
• Thermostat (adjustable)
• Three Jet Body Shower
• Workstation For your Comfort Flights
$1825 total
Take-off- Sat 5:30p IAH Houston, TX
Landing-Sun 2:00p DME Moscow, Russia

Take-off-Sun 10:40a DME Moscow, Russia
Landing-Sun 2:05p IAH Houston, TX Flood
Extreme temperature
Wind Storm
Wild Fire
Tornadoes • 250 Thread Count Sheets
• Air Conditioning
• Alarm Radio
• Arm Chair with Ottoman
• Bidet
• Black-Out Curtains
• Clock Radio w/ MP3 Connection
• Connecting Rooms
• Easy to Set Alarm Clock Radio
• Ergonomic Desk Chair
• Feather Pillows Non Allergenic
• Flexible Work Environment
• Granite Counter Tops/Vanities Political Climate Geography Bolshoi Restaurant white hall
Cafe Pushkin - price $25 - $100
CDL Restaurant - Price: $100
Soho Rooms - Price: $80 - $300
Beard Papa's Restaurants Red Square (Krasnaya ploshchad)
Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane
Diamond Fund (Almazny Fond)
St. Basil's Cathedral (Pokrovsky Sobor)
Moscow Kremlin (Moskovsky Kreml)
Bolshoi Theatre
Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val
Tsarytsino Open-Air History and Architectural Museum Things to do How close is it to region have? Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya
Kalanchevskaya Str.21/40
107078 Moscow
Russia Flight What to wear? casual clothes
woman- summer dresses , hats, skirt,sleeveless shirt, and etc.
man-shorts, thin shirts, sleeveless shirt, caps, and etc. One of the common misconceptions about Russia in the West is that it's a very dangerous and unfriendly place for foreign visitors. In actual fact, crimes committed annually on the territory of the Russian Federation don’t exceed European or American norms – neither in quantity nor severity. Moreover, criminal rates in Moscow tend to be a tad lower than in the capitals of many other European countries. According to European Sociological Review cases of interpersonal violence in Russia had been on the rise since mid-80s - followed by Russia's deep economic crisis and social chaos during and shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Understandably, these rates have substantially dropped off in recent years - largely due to improved economic situation as well as increased public engagement of militia and the Federal Security Service.
Safety: even if it’s not a strict consular requirement in your country, you should buy out insurance in case of accidents and sudden health conditions. This can facilitate a lot of things and save you much trouble dealing with Russian doctors and hospital managers. Tourists are obliged to carry their documents everywhere they go; photocopies are, most of the time, not allowed, but they are not entirely frowned upon by local authorities either. Considering the wide-spread and frequent cases of petty theft in Russia, it's probably a good idea to leave your passport in a hotel safe and use photocopied versions of your documents. Tourists should also avoid going out late at night alone. Drinks and food products sold on the streets should be avoided Surface glacial deposits in Moscow are 130 to 196 feet thick and include moraine heaps of rock and gravel, sediments from the bottom of melt water lakes and alluvium, or sand and clay washed along by melt water streams. Human activities have given Moscow a cultural layer averaging 12 to 18 feet thick covering 70 percent of the city, and measuring as much as 60 feet thick at landfills and in river valleys, swamps and ravines
Meshchersky Lowland
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