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Uniting Whole Community to Prevent LGBT Bullying

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kristin shrimplin

on 22 July 2014

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Transcript of Uniting Whole Community to Prevent LGBT Bullying

* Focusing on improving school climate & student engagement
* Adding representation of many identities to curricula and discourse
* Training teachers directly in what bullying is and how to respond
* Teaching students to recognize, respect, and defend the emotions of others
* Social Emotional Learning
* Human Rights Education
Uniting the Whole Community
Preventing LGBTQ Bullying
Who Am I?
Biased Based Bullying
Welcoming Schools
Welcoming Schools
What's Your Call to Action?
What Do You Know
Who Are We?
* 2010 there were 4 national suicides in month of September alone.

* All four suicides were teenagers (ages 13-18) and each child was bullied for being gay or perceived to be gay.

* Reinforcement of need for cultural shifts and components needed for cultural shifts

* Recognition that LGBTQ specific bullying prevention training, policies, and programs DID NOT exist in Greater Cincinnati.

Why We Formed
3 key components:
-Aggressive behavior
-Repeated, or potential to be
-Power imbalance

Human Rights
Public Health
Significant Impact on Youth
Who Are You?
Gay Bullying: Chillicothe, Ohio
Right to learn & obtain an education
Right to be free from persecution
Right to be free from discrimination
All Youth Must Have Equal Rights...
Framing Task Force Work
Level 5: Building this Level
Level 3: Strong Focus
Level 6: Leaning In...
Level 2: Peppered Throughout
Level 1: @ Baseline
Level 4: Our Starting Place
School Summit Design Process via Spectrum Framework
Fostering Coalitions & Networks
Issue was too common, complex, & consequential for one agency
Strengthening Individual Knowledge & Skills
First Annual Summit: Put LGBT bullying on Awareness Map/36 attendees/3 hours
Community Education
Educating Providers:
Second Annual Summit:
* 140+ attendees/All Day
* 2 National Keynotes
* Breakout Workshops
Changing Organizational Practices
School Climate of Safety via Diversity & Inclusion
Influencing Policy & Legislation
-2014 Report TBR with Recommendations from Task Force:
-Networking/Advocating Statewide Conferences on Inclusion of LGBT Bullying Prevention
-Advocating for Student Non-Discrimination Act (SNDA)
-Advocating for School Policies that are enumerated
-Promoting Diversity & INclusion School Gay Straight Alliances
-Advocating for federal national surveys to ask about LGBT identified bullying

Our Inspiration for Change
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