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Pie Charts KS2

No description

Kirsty Nicholls

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of Pie Charts KS2

Take a look
We need to be able to say
what each 'slice' represents and how many people or items it is representing.
Pie Charts
To be successful today you need to show me that you can read data off of pie charts and answer questions correctly based on the pie chart.
What do you know about pie charts?
Pie Charts give us visual representations of data.

They can represent anything, your class mates favourite crisps, the most popular form of transport to school or even the nations favourite football team!
Here's an
example of a
Pie Chart
how children
travel into
Now this is too easy for us!
If I had 360 pencils
how could I represent all
360 pencils on a
pie chart?
*think about how many degrees there are in the circle*
You need to read all
of the information given to you. Including the title, the pie chart key and how many people / items are being represented.
Each slice represents
a percentage and a
number of people or items.
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