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Green City

Green City

Cecilia McGough

on 12 May 2017

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Transcript of Green City

Meet the Team:
Gracie Burzumato
Cecilia McGough
Whitney Bowman
Brittany Bowman
Water Systems Manager
Transportation Specialist
Co-Agriculture Expert
Energy Specialist
Co-Agriculture Expert
Build Design Manager
IT Specialist
South Africa
2012 MRGS Green City Midterm Project
Water System
Building Design
Why Africa?
• Humid, subtropical climate
-Hot, humid summers
-Mild to cool winters (no snow!)
City Layout
- is about the population of Detroit
- offers an in-between for LDC development
- SA cities jump from pop. of 1 million to 400,000
- problem: divide between rural & urban areas
- what we do:
- population of 885,000
- integrate ag. with urban
•199,125,000 square feet (43560 acres) residential housing
•885,000 acres of agricultural land to support our city
MISSION Statement:
The construction of this city is to embark on a new era as an active effort to lessen developing countries' negative effects on the environment.

• Not a lot of viable, immediate options, but will use policy to encourage transition to renewable sources
• Encourage public transportation (uses electricity)
• Very likely future alternatives:
--> Switchgrass
-Initial cost of $400 million for 100 million gallon/year production (100 gallons of ethanol per dry ton)
- $1.91 per gallon
How Much We’ll Need?
Funding Opportunities in addtion to South African Government
• Average price in South Africa: 8-16 cents per kWh

• Our price: 15.993
o Wind (terrestrial): 9.7 cents
o Solar (photovoltaic): 21 cents
o Tidal: 21 cents

 Current levelized costs are 12-30 cents; future levelized costs are 8-12 cents
o Algae: 17 cents
o Wind (off-shore): 24.3 cents

• How we’ll pay for it:
o Utility fees
•US uses 12,391.37 kWh per capita•With 885,000 people (US energy consumption), we will need about 11 million MW o10,966,362,450 kWh, or 10,966,362.45 MW
Initial Costs
Initial Cost:
drinking, wastewater and irrigation
City Funded Buildings
• helical wind turbine technology

• solar panels

• rainwater catchment systems

• rooftop gardens
Why is zoning important?
•reduce initial cost
•control future growth
Public Health:
70 hospitals = ~$98,000,000
20 clinics = ~$1,200,000
Public Education:
2 universities = $1,000,000,000
102 schools = ~$1,479,000,000
Government Buildings:
government buildings = ~$1,400,000
TOTAL = ~$2,579,600,000
Primary Treatment
-occurs in the headworks and clarifiers
Secondary Treatment
-occurs at the oxidation ponds, chlorination basins, treatment marshes and enhancement marshes
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Thank you for your time spent watching this presentation!
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