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No description

Jacob Cervantes

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Azalea

Venture plan

Events is a demand:
Many people look to recreate themselves in events. A lot of people assist to parties. Many people are always looking to have fun on the night!

Sometimes people want to create their own events, but their lack of tools and props make them frustrated.
Our solution
. Why not to create a business that makes people to come to those events and make them have a memorable time.

Even better, why not to help them create a nice event for themselves with the tools that are neccessary.

Why not to create a business of event planning and party creators.
Our Objective:
Our objective is to bring entertainment and fun by planning of events and rentals of event equipment. We are strongly commited to our customers and to bring the best events possible.

Not only that, but to create parties and events so people can have a memorable time with a cheap price.
Different services: Rentals
Basic event props:
• Dj´s
• Photographers
• Speakers
• Tables/chairs
• Tents
• Carpets
• Chefs
• Waiters/Waitresses
• Pallets
• Lights
• Security

Different event sets:
Different events sets:
• Weddings
• Graduations
• Proms
• Grand openings
• Concerts
• Award Ceremonies
• Banquets
• Galas
• Massive parties

The pros:
*All sets and props can be negotiated with the customer. If the clients want to customize the party/event, we highly recommend calling us and making an appointment to help you to get the best experience of entertainment possible.
The cons:
*Lack of sponsors
*The places and locations of the parties
*Also, you can order online.
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