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Esperanza Rising- Plums and Potatoes

No description

Julie Harlan

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Esperanza Rising- Plums and Potatoes

1. Esperanza took care of the babies and tried to help Mama when she got sick. Do you help people where you live? What do you do?
2. Visualize what the dust storm looked like. Use your own words to describe what happened.
3. After the dust storm, everyone went back to work as if nothing had happened. Why do you think the people acted like this? Connection to Text and Critical Thinking FOA Vocabulary -Problems and Solutions
-crocheting page 144
-page 152: what literary devices can you find? Comprehension and Critical Thinking 1. Have you ever protested against something? What was it? What happened?
2. How did Esperanza feel about her old life?
3. How do you think this chapter relates to the theme "Making it through tough times"? Las Ciruelas & Las Papas Esperanza Rising Vocabulary amber
immunize page 168: Who can find personification? shrine
extravagant Comprehension and Figurative Lang. Use these vocabulary words to write a cohesive summary of the chapter. Plums Plums Plums Potatoes Potatoes Write an OPIC paragraph Let's Read Chapter 9- Las Ciruelas (Plums)
Ready Readers:
Books Open
Eyes Focused
Follow Along with Audio Let's Read Chapter 10- Las Papas(Potatoes)
Ready Readers:
Books Open
Eyes Focused
Follow Along with Audio Esperanza Prezi, PowerPoint, Projects

Those finished may create a wordle. What is the "truth" about attitude?
Why is it so important?
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