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TOEFL skills

No description

sandra guio

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of TOEFL skills

Language Skills...
Reading, listening, speaking and writing! TOEFL... This section tests your ability to understand an English academic reading passage. The probable format of Toefl iBT is based on 3 or 4 passages and 39-56 questions (60-80 min.) Reading Strategies for listening... Listening Integrated tasks
(Reading & Listening) Speaking skills... 1. Plan the free-choice response
2. make the free-choice response
3. plan the paired-choice response
4. make the paired-choice response.
Independent tasks Strategies for reading... 1. Be familiar with the directions. (For all skills)
2. Dismiss the directions as soon as they come up. (For all skills)
3. Don't worry if reading passages is on a topic that is not familiar to you.
4. Don't spend too much time reading the passages.
5. Skim each passage to determine the main idea and overall organization of ideas.
6. look at each question to determine what type of question it is. (For all skills)
7. Choose the best answer. (For all skills)
8. Don't spend too much time on a question you are completely unsure of.
9. Monitor the time on the computer screen. (For all skills)
10. Guess to complete the section before time is up. (For all skills) Reading Skills... 9. Select summary information.
10. Complete schematic tables. This section tests your ability to understand English conversations and lectures. The probable format of TOEFL iBT is based on 6 passages and 34-51 questions. (60-90 min.) 3. Don't worry if listening passages is on a topic that is not familiar to you.
4. Listening carefully to the passages.
5. Use the visuals to help you to understand the passages.
6. Take careful notes as you listen to the spoken material.
7. look at each question to determine what type of question it is.
8. Think carefully about a question before you answer it. Listening skills... The more subtle understanding.
3. Understand the function.
4. Understand the speaker's stance. What is stated in the passages? (the main idea or overall topic)
1. Understand the gist.
2. Understand the details. Basic comprehension... Pragmatic understanding... Connecting Information... Involve a number of ideas rather than a single idea.
5. Understand the organization.
6. Understand relationships. Vocabulary and references 1. Understand vocabulary from context.
2. Recognize referents. Sentences... 3. Simplify meanings of sentences.
4. Insert sentences into the passage. Details... 5. Find factual information.
6. Understand negative facts. Inferences... 7. Make inferences from stated facts.
8. Infer rhetorical purpose. Reading to learn... 5. Note the main points as you read
6. Note the main points as you listen
7. Plan before you speak
8. Make the response

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