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Talent Is overrated

No description

Dylan Duncan

on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of Talent Is overrated

In the book
Talent Is Overrated
Geoff Colvin explains all throughout that innate talent is not really birthed in people. All success and great "talent" is pursued through not only hard work but deliberate practice.
Deliberate practice is the practice through certain skills and certain training methods. Geoff also describes why some business's prosper instead of other business's.
My Opinion
As one that is not very interested in reading, I can say that I was extremely intrigued throughout the whole book. There definitely were some dry parts of the book, but most of it was very moist and very fulfiling.
-One of the main examples from the text is Warren Buffett the Billionaire. At age 8 he bought and managed his first stock.
Talent Is Overrated
explains what Warren Buffet did to become so rich and successful.

-The other person they talk alot about is Alexander Alekhine. She became the youngest chess master at age 16. This book intricately explains how she became so good so fast.
One Theme: Deliberate Practice
-The entire book is based around the concept called deliberate practice. Deliberate practice is a concept that 10,000 of deliberate practice, ( just practice) is what is needed to become an expert in that certain field.
-An example of deliberate of practice, let's say that Billy wants to become the best most exceptional writer in the world. Regular practice would be writing essays and multiple of them. Deliberate practice is when Billy decides to work focused on nothing but punctuation on Tuesday, grammar on Wednesday and vocabulary on Thursday.
“Deliberate practice is characterized by several elements, each worth examining. It is activity designed specifically to improve performance, often with a teacher’s help; it can be repeated a lot; feedback on results is continuously available; it’s highly demanding mentally, whether the activity is purely intellectual such as chess or business related activities, or heavily physical, such as sports; and it isn’t much fun.” (Colvin 66).
Talent Is overrated
By: Geoff Colvin

Publication 2006

Thank you!
The two main characters are...
There were many different settings in this book but one chapter focused on Jerry Rice when he went to Mississippi Valley State University. (MVSU)
“The great performers isolate remarkably specific aspects of what they do and focus on just those things until they are improved; then it’s on to the next aspect.” (Colvin 68)

-Great example for Billy.
Likes: The best part of this book was that it was instructional. Each chapter was properly set up so at the end you knew what to do to work on your skills.
Dislikes: At rare moments of the book, the author would go on explaining something that wasn't very important. He explained details that were petty and in no way would help me achieve my goals.
-I would only recommend this book to people who want to better themselves and look to chase their dreams. If you don't about getting better at your skills then this is definitely not your type of book.

-To those who don't care about life and aren't chasing your dreams, (if you have any) do not read this book.
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