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The Untold stories of a Diary of a Madman

No description

Kemara Johnson

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of The Untold stories of a Diary of a Madman

Lu Xun
Lu Xun
"Diary of a Madman"
Lu Xun Political Influence
Feudalism vs Democracy
Feudalism vs. Democracy
Feudalism in China
Feudalism in China
Feudalism vs. Democracy
Feudalism in China cont.
The Untold story of a "Diary of a Madman"
Born Zhou Zhangsou on September 25, 1881 in Shoaxing, Zhejiang, China.
Changed his name to Zhou Shuren to become a more "educated man" in the real world, then used Lu Xun as an pen name for his work.
Diary Of A Madman was his first major baihua short story and it was a huge influence in the political world, as well as his other stories.
Led The League Of Left Wing Writers.
Favored the Communist Party, but never joined.(Mao Zedong added him after his death)
Had feudalist influence in his household.
One of the most prominent political writers China has ever had.
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