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Charlie's 4th grade year

No description


on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Charlie's 4th grade year

Charlies 4th grade year
what i have improved on
on thing i have improved on is multiplication and division now i can multiply and divide larger numbers
standards I need to work
some standards i need to work on are adding subtracting and multiplying fractions for example 2/5 *5/6
favorite part of 4th grade math
One of my favorite lessons from 4th grade math are multiplication because i found out that there is more than one way to do multiplication
One study habit that i need to improve on is ...
one study that i need to improve on is getting better at explaining my work in math
Favorite read aloud book
my favorite read aloud book was The One And O only Ivan because i liked the topic and it had on of my favorite animals included
my book club books we're
Edward Tulane
one crazy summer
bear stone
tiger rising
my favorite on was Edward Tulane
how i have grown as a reader because........
i have grown as a reader because now i can read at a higher level
As a reader this summer i will...
as a reader this summer i will read more so i stay at the level i am
i feel that i am a better writer because i can spell more words write longer storys
i feel i am a better writer because ..
write overthe summer so that i won't forget to write
as a writer this summer i will
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