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ALD Warm-ups-Quarter 2

No description

Rose Parsons

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of ALD Warm-ups-Quarter 2

Warm-up 10/16/14
Fix the following sentences:
1. Math and Science are too of my faverite subject i like english the very least?
2. what collages are u interested in attending i really want to apply to UC berkley
Part A
: What do you think a sentence fragment is?
Warm-up 10/27/14
Review: What is academic language?When and where do you use academic language? Why is it appropriate?
Warm-up 10/20/14
Finish the following sentence:
One of the ways I communicate is by...
ALD Warm-ups
(Quarter 2)
Week of 10/27/14

Warm-up 10/28/14
Guess on what you think the following terms mean:
1) simple sentence-only has a subject and predicate, only has a noun and verb
2) compound sentence-two sentences combined by a conjunction
3)complex sentence-combination of a simple and compound sentence
Warm-up 10/17/14
Complete the following sentence with your own thoughts:
If we don't have enough students interested in Math and Science, the future of our world will...
Warm-up 10/21/14
Why is it important to review vocabulary words? How does it help with your reading and writing?
Warm-up 10/23/14
Fix the following sentences:
1) Short stories contain the same basic elements as novels and longer works of fiction.
2) A short story or novel usually includes a theme or message about life.
Warm-up 10/22/14
Part B
: Revise the sentence fragments below.
1. An autobiography the events of the author's life.
2. Other examples of nonfiction essays, articles, and journals.
Label the following sentences as either a simple, compound, or complex sentence.
1) If a young person works hard, he or she can earn a lot of extra money.-Complex sentence
2) Many young people have jobs. -Simple sentence
3) A job can be fun, and it can also teach responsibility.-Compound sentence
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