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Social Business

No description

Rabecq Alice

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Social Business

Social Business

I. What is social business?
B. Examples : Social Business around the world
Red Rabbit - New York
Inspire a generation of Healthy eater
Fresh City Farm - Toronto
B. Private organisations fomenting Social Economy
The Social Economy Alliance example
What they do

Critical perspectives
" A new voice on the economy"
- Healthy Food delivery in School
- Food lab
Painting and decorating social Entreprise
Training and work experience for ex-offender
Only 10% of the participants have re-offended


An important communication campaign
1. Social Economy and illustrations

2. Actors which encourage these initiatives
3. A critical view of Social Economy
Social economy
* First goal : overcome poverty or a social problem. Not profit maximization
* Financial and economic Sustainability
* Environmentally conscious
An answer to crisis

* Economic crisis
* Environmental crisis
* Social crisis
Who they are
Actors financing the social economy
2. Promotion of the social economy
2. Promotion of Social Economy
* Social enterprises...

Social Economy in the UK :
an overall positive outcome
Britain's finance minister George Osborne presenting his annual budget to the House of Commons
Some doubts about the SEA strategy
" Why is this necessary? Hasn't David Cameron already talked about moral capitalism? Hasn't Francis Maude recently converted to the merits of mutuals? Doesn't Ed Miliband espouse responsible capitalism and don't Labour argue that business should carry some of the weight that falls on the state? Hasn't Vince Cable attacked casino capitalism and haven't the Lib Dems called for more alternative banks and wider employee ownership?"
The European Commission
Publication in 2013 of a guide dedicated to “Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship”
The European Parliament
2009: resolution adopted on social economy
Institution set up in November 2000
-> promoting role and values of social economy actors in Europe
-> reinforcing the political and legal recognition of the social economy at EU-level
The European Economic and Social Committee
A consultative body that makes interest groups able to express their points of views on european issues

2012: publication of “The Social Economy in the European Union” and “OPINION of the EESC on the Social Economy in Latin America”
In France, in July 2014:

“Law for Social Economy”
a. A lot of actors at a european scale
“This is excellent news for Britain's social economy,"
Jonathan Jenkins, spokesperson for the Social Economy Alliance
"moral capitalism"
(January 2012)
"Responsible capitalism"
"Business should carry some of the weight that falls on the state."
"We want more alternative banks and wider employee ownership"
A. Definitions
* Housing associations...
* Cooperation forums...
Alternative actors
of the economy
Social economy thinkers
* Universities...
* Think tanks...
* Social investors
* Crowd funders
* Alternative financial institutions
* Schools...
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