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Early China/Ancient India


Alli Dee

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Early China/Ancient India

Ritual Disk Early China and Ancient India Circular
6.5" diameter
Intricate Design
Made from Jade or Bronze
Dragon Symbolizes Strength/ Power
Used as a vessel in rituals
Burial rights, record treaties, formal ceremonies
Decoration The 5 Eared Ding With Dragon Description
3 legged
round bellied
hieght 120 cm
2 handles
Casting technique
Dragon Decor
Ceremonial Bowl Shiva Nataraja Lord of the Dance Descript: 43 1/8''
four arms
resmebles human figure
figure has jewlrey
set up on a stand
firgure surronded by a circle Ying Yang Symbol Description: Circle. Black and white curved lines circle
Analsis: Balanced, symbol, endless cycle, mutual relation Analysis: Specific Detail
balanced, Shiva Dances in a ring of fire. Repetition
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