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Samantha Ferguson and Emily Devlin.

$lim Ferg

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Rabbits

Snowshoe Hares!

1. What color are snowshoe hares? Mostly white with black ears and black eye lids. 2. What eats snowshoe hares? Wolves, lynx, bobcats, minks, grey/red fox. 3. How long is a snowshoe hare? 16 to 20 inches. 4. Who has longer ears? Other Rabbits/Hares or Snowshoe hares? Other rabbits/hares. 5. Where do they live? By swamps and cedar logs 6. What do they eat? They eat rembling birches, aspen and willows. 7. Who is bigger? A female or male? A female. They can wiegh anywhere between 2-4 pounds. 8. What color are they in the summer? Brown 9. What is a snowshoe hare's top speed? 27 miles per hour which could be covered in 10 foot leaps. 10. In the wild up to 85% of them live no longer than what? 1 year. 11. Are snowshoed hares good swimmers? They are talented swimmers. 12. Do they nap during the day? Yes, most of their time during the day is a nap time. 13. How much do they breed each year? 2 to 3 times 14. How many babies do they have per litter? Any where between 1 to 8. 15. How did snowshoe hares get there name? There large hind feet. By: Samantha Ferguson and Emily Devlin.
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