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What is energy?

No description

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of What is energy?

How Heat Moves
Warm things heat cool things.

Conductors let heat flow through them easily.
How does light move?
One form of energy is

Light travels in the same direction unless it reflects off an object or is bent.

A rainbow shows all the colors in the white light.
Energy from the Sun
The Sun gives energy to Earth.
Heat and light from the Sun is solar energy.
How People Get Energy?
Anything that can do work and cause change has energy.
Everything you do uses energy.
What is energy?
How do living things use energy?
Plants use the Sun's energy to grow and to make food.

Animals eat plants or other animals to get energy to live and grow.
What are some sources of heat?
Sunlight is one source of heat.

Anything that is burned to give off energy is a fuel.
Light can pass through some objects but not through others.

Objects that block light make shadows.

Shadows made outside change during the day.
Food gives people energy to work, play, move, and grow.

Foods are divided into five important groups.

You get energy in different ways from different foods.
There are many kinds of energy.
Wind, sound, and motion are kinds of energy.
Electricity makes some things work.
Batteries provide electricity.
You need to stay safe when using eletricity.
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