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Disney Heroes

This is a presentation of Disney Heroes

Andrew Edmunds

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Disney Heroes

Disney Heroes
By: Andrew Edmunds Disney's Aladdin was based on a historical figure from folklore. Aladdin is responsible for taking down Jaffar and his sidekick Iago, who is also based on one of Shakespeare's characters. Aladdin is considered by many as the number one Disney Hero because of his ability to rescue and win the heart of a princess and save the kingdom from the evil Jaffar. Aladdin: Prince of Theives Hercules is one of the most well know figures from mythology and is the definition of a hero. He rescues people from monsters, wins the heart of women, is the son of a god, and does so while running around in a skirt managing to still look manly. He greatest accomplishment is his defeat of Hades, lord of the underworld. Hercules: Son of Zeus Though Simba was a fatherless lion, and was raised by a warthog and prairie dog, he still manages to save his pride both literally and figuratively. He returns to restore his reputation after he fled following his fathers murder. Upon his return he saves the pride from the rule of his evil uncle Scar and his pack of hyenas, which have driven the pride into starvation. Simba: The Lion King
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