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African-American Scientists

List of famous African-American scientists and their accomplishments. A large focus on George Washington Carver.

Eric Belk

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of African-American Scientists

Famous African American Scientists Benjamin Banneker 1731-1806
Learned reading writing and arithmetic from his grandmother
Later, he taught himself advanced mathematics and astronomy Mr. Banneker is best known for publishing an
almanac based on his astronomical calculations Dr. Charles Richard Drew 1904-1950
Earned advanced degrees in medicine and surgery
Best known for setting up first blood bank Emmett Chappelle Born 1925 Famous biochemist
Joined NASA in 1977
(one of the first African-Americans to do so)

Developed a method to instantly
detect bacteria in water Dr. Mark Dean Born 1957 Dr. Dean recieved a bachelors from University
of Tennessee, a masters from Florida Atlantic
University and his doctorate from Stanford.

He worked with IBM to develop a computer
component that allowed computers to
communicate rapidly. Dean also developed the very first one
gigahertz processor computer chip.

Inducted into the National Inventors Hall
of Fame in '97. Now to discuss a very familiar name ...the most prominent African-American
Scientist of all... ...Mr. George Washington Carver Born around 1865 (the exact date is not known).
Carver was born into slavery but was freed
following the emancipation of the slaves and the
conclusion of the Civil War.

During the Civil War, Carver was sent to Arkansas
because it was difficult to keep slaves in Missouri at
that time. Carver to attended and earn degrees from
Iowa Agricultural College Carver was the director of agricultural
research of the Tuskegee Institute from
1896 until his death in 1943. Carver is best known for his research in agriculture,
and more specifically plants such as the sweet potato,
the soybean, the pecan, and most famously the peanut. Carver developed hundreds of uses for these products such as medicines, dyes, hair products, pastes, starches, and certain oils among other things. We hope you enjoyed this look into some prominent names
in both the African-American, and scientific communities.
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