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Copy of group seminer

group case study analysis: Treetop Forest Products

Jane Coady

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of group seminer

Leadership what is leadership Leadership perspective
the necessary direction and/or support to ensure that their goals are compatible with the overall objectives of the leadership or organization Path-Goal Theory

Paths=employee expectancy
Goals=employee performances The Path-Goal Style Lack of leadership in the case study

lack of supervisor
building is physical far from others department
supervisors rarely visit
No supervisor fix the existing problem Recommendation
Improve reward performance : Employees have great performances in works that will get more valued rewards than those who weakly performs
Create structured working environment : should hire and train a new supervisor only for the packaging department (longterm and shorterm..)
Improve communication and coordination between department, such as hold regular meeting within group and department
Seek out feedback and give the possible solution Motivation TREETOP FOREST PRODUCT Team Dynamic Social Loafing
Social Loafing is when a group of people exert less effort as a collective compared to if they had worked alone.
creates the 'domino effect' of:
a diminished work effort
the work is then not being completed during the week
work on the weekend in overtime Organisational and Team Environment
High performance and production values
Support and Strategy
Communications Team design
Task characteristics
Team size
Team composition
Team roles (diversity) Recommendations Team Dynamics (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Introduction to case study treetop has one general manager
16 supervisors& support staff
180 unionised employees (paid hourly)
the six departments Introduction to case study All departments, apart from packaging, have
a supervisor on at all their shifts. the packaging department is also located far away from the other departments. -case study Path-Goal Theory the most important contingency leadership theory Introduction to case study Alexa Liley
Ha Nguyen
Xi Jin
Karina Terpenyants
Serkan Ozsahin
Mehdi Nazmjoo The Path-Goal leadership style Leadership..and..Management lack of leadership in the case study Feedback Goal setting Money rewards Holidays
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