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Curriculum Vitae

No description

Alejandro de Anca Escudero

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Curriculum Vitae

My name is:

Alejandro de Anca Escudero

and this is my

"Curriculum Vitae" (CV)
- "Community Manager Course"
(02/2013-06/2013), UNED Foundation.

"Master in Business & Enterprise Direction and Marketing”
(2013/2014), UNED Foundation.

"Master about Pharmaceutical Industry"
UNED Foundation.

"Master in Pharmaceutical & Parapharmaceutical Industry"

(2011-2012), "Centro de Estudios Superiores de la Industria Farmaceutica (CESIF) in Madrid (Spain)

"Graduate in Pharmacy"
(2006-2011), University of Salamanca (Spain)

- "
Graduate in Human Nutrition and Dietetics" (2014-2017**)
", Ui1 (Spain)
Which are my studies?
How am I?
I would like to be...
If you want know more about me, contact me without hesitate:

Alejandro de Anca Escudero
email: alexdeanca@hotmail.com
Phone number: +34 625 834 570
If you want know more about my personality and what says people about me, I will invite you to check my profile in Linkedin:
I consider myself like an person who is:

- Optimist and enthusiastic
- Dynamic
- Hard-worker
- Motivated person
- Without limits to achieve my goals

And a good component for a multidisciplinary team.
1. Spanish --> Native level

2. English --> C1 (Next step: Advanced)

3. Français --> B1
... a good healthcare professional, within the pharmaceutical Industry.

I would be delighted to work within the Marketing Department. I consider myself in a continuous period of learning and constant ambition to outstand my proffesional and personal expectatives
And... What else?
“Participation in the magazine “Cuadernos del Tomas. Revista de
estudios del C.M. Tomas Luis de Victoria” with the articles:

"Como alcanzar una gestión optima en la Oficina de Farmacia"
Págs. ISSN 1889-5328, Salamanca 2014
”Marketing en la Industria Farmacéutica”
Págs. ISSN 1889-5328, Salamanca 201
”Síndrome Metabólico”
Págs. 173-186 ISSN 1889-5328, Salamanca 2012

Actuaciones farmacéuticas en hipercolesterolemias”
209-246. ISSN 1889-5328, Salamanca 2011

Avances Farmacéuticos en el siglo XXI: Medicamentos
Págs. 245-262. ISSN 1889-5328, Salamanca

La importancia de la Farmacia en la historia”
. Págs. 173-191. ISSN
1889-5328, Salamanca 2009.
Organization of a talk at the Colegio Mayor Luis de Victoria, called
“Ethical and pharmacological about dispensing the morning-after pill”
with the participation of:
Dra. María Luisa Martín Calvo
. Professor of Pharmacology and Associate Dean for Teaching and Students.
D. Manuel Gómez Benito
. President of the College of Doctors of Salamanca.
Doña María de los Ángeles de Sande Muñoz de Lucas
. President of the College of Pharmacist of Salamanca

Title of National Monitor Swimming
Title of Aquatic Lifeguard and First Aid
Title of First Aid and Lifesaving
Monitor Title Entertainment & Leisure
And...how about my languages?
Publication of scientific papers:
Which is my proffesional experience?
- Business Development (Jul,2013 - ...)
- "Commercial & Sales Techinician" in Aplicaps by Clover (Dec,2012 - Jul,2013))
- "CSP" in Janssen-Cilag (Aug,2012 - Oct,2012)
"Head Trainer Trainee" in Abbott Laboratories (Oct,2011- Jul,2012)
- "Assistant Pharmacist" in Pharmacy De Anca Martin (Aug,2010 - Feb, 2011)
- "Steward of Medical Congresses" (Feb,2011-May,2011)

And several jobs like:

- Camp Instructor
- Swimming Instructor
- English and Science Teacher
- Lifeguard
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