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Media and Technology Trends

No description

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Media and Technology Trends

Confession: I love the Log Lines blog. Fascinating snapshots of history that are fun and easy to read.
National Museum of American History’s Flickr group boasts more than 2,400 images contributed by only 240 individuals
Twitter’s fastest growing demographic is 55–64 year-olds
Media and Technology Trends
Social Media and Museum Websites
Make seemingly inaccessible "titles" such as director or curator appear like friends.
USS Constitution Museum
USS Constitution Museum Visitor Feedback
Museum Visitor Website Visiting Habits
New levels of access and new forms of interactivity for museum professionals and museum visitors
“If people look at pictures of beaches online, will they still vacation in Florida?”
Most online visitors have already decided to visit the museum, what can we do to encourage that decision?
Cycle of visitation: online preparation, in person experience, online debrief that encourages re-engagement via in person follow up
Museums are moving away from the expert-novice relationship and closer to a “whole person” type of approach by meeting visitors where they are.
Source: Marty
81% of museum visitors specifically looked for online information prior to a museum visit
57% said the information they found online increased their desire to visit the museum in person
Museum websites should lure visitors into the museum’s collections and inspire them to visit museum.
Similarly visitors to physical museums should feel inspired to visit the website as a bridge to connect their pre and post visit activities.
More likely to use basic information such as hours of operations, driving directions, or information about current exhibits.

Those who didn't visit cited reasons such as "part of a tour group" or "local and knew what to expect"
"Nice that admission/donation is clearly stated"
"Parking and direction information were easy to find and great to have."
What We Know
1. Museum visitors regularly view museum websites prior to physical visits.
Outreach Opportunities
Making Connections
Belle Beth Cooper "10 Surprising New Twitter Stats to Help You Reach More Followers"
2. For the most part they are checking out hours, directions, and other basic information.
4. Museums are starting to use social media to create dynamic, "unrestricted" views of their collections and staff to encourage visitation and interest at all different levels.
3. Most of the adults interviewed assumed the "Learn & Play" section was only for kids. How can we create "hooks" to get adults interested for themselves and their kids?
Need for frequent curation
Learning curve
What if it doesn't work?
Where to begin?
"It's free and if no one likes it we can scrap it. It's hard to turn down free and zero- commitment opportunities."
Not quite true but the cost and overhead can be made relatively low.
"The educational value of the website is not reaching its full potential if the delivery is inconsistent with young peoples’ preemptive learning patterns...the concepts are not relatable or do not engage the visitor."
500 Million Users World Wide
Tweets with image links get 2x the engagement rate of those without
Create hashtags for guests/staff to use for tweeting
Retweet other Boston sites to build community
Start conversations with groups scheduled to attend the museum
A Look at Other Museums
USS Constitution Museum
Starting conversations with out museums puts our name out into their social media circles!
By connecting with @firstnight, we'll show up in First Night's feed. Encourage others to tweet about @firstnight to keep interest up during the event.
Retweet others' relevant posts to diversify USS Constitution Museum feed.
Incorporate pictures to increase visibility and give people an idea of what to expect on a visit.
"Visual content motivates more responses than text, engages younger participants, and is often cited as a major trend of 2012 and 2013." - Nina Simon
Museums, and museum staff members, tend to be highly visually-oriented. It's about the objects, the display, the people, the process, the event--the image of the experience.

"We enjoy their "before and after" shots of their various exhibitions and installations." (Feedback on Brooklyn Museum Instagram account)
"Don’t you just hate when you go to a museum and you try to take mobile photos and promptly get scolded by a volunteer or security? We do too, which is why we love that there are a few museums that allow photography throughout almost all of their exhibits and buildings!" Instagram blog encouraging museums to engage users through photography.

Users tag museums in their photos and give permission for their photos to show up in the museum's feed
A Look at Other Museums
Exploratorium in San Francisco
Old South Meeting House
Beamish Museum
Brooklyn Museum
Paul Revere House
Old South Meeting House
Old South Meeting House
Gibbes Museum of Art
USS Constitution Museum
Photos taken from personal blogs that are public on the internet
People are taking photos and posting them on the internet to their personal blogs/websites. We should make it easy for them to link those photos back to us so that others can see what's happening at the museum.
The upcoming installation of a new exhibit will generate interest in visitation and professional interest in exhibit design. Using instagram or another photo streaming service would be a visually appealing, interactive way to show off.
Museum staff can photograph exhibits,
, scenes around the Navy Yard, evening events, artifacts in storage, and gift store items, as just a starter list to get the account set up.
Gives all staff including curators, directors, educators, development, and shop staff a chance to promote their needs in an informative and creative way.
Youtube/vimeo channel can offer more content to feature on Twitter or Facebook.
Can be highly formatted and professionally produced or off the cuff and informal.
A Look at Other Museums
USS Constitution Museum
Tate Britain
Brooklyn Museum
Mutter Museum
Mutter Museum

Connecting one type of social media, for example Instagram, to other social media like Twitter and Facebook makes it possible for the conversation to continue and spread beyond the initial, in this case Instagram, platform.
Rich archives with many stories to be shared that would reach multiple audiences (professional, students, curious, art, military, etc.)
Teacher workshop feature with teachers explaining how they plan to incorporate
history into their classroom lessons.
a place to put it all together
So now that you have a small collection of staff or visitor generated photos, exciting videos, and a platform to advertise to large numbers, what can you do?
Is it possible to use Log Lines as a platform to test pilot incorporating new media into the Museum's public facing collection showroom?
By adding current photos and video to the blog and linking to them via Twitter/Facebook you can begin to create a cycle of visitorship to the blog and Musuem website that could generate interest in a physical visit as well.
Digital Natives
Not just young people but adults and older adults are beginning to use new media in their daily lives and have begun to expect it as a part of their learning experience.
Professional Development
It's daunting to figure out how to hire (and pay) a social media expert but a good first step is to see who on the staff already has some familiarity with these (or other) platforms or a willingness to expand their professional skill set.
Bottom Line
Nina Simon "What's a Virtual Visitor Worth?"
Nina Simon "Open Letter to Museums on Twitter"
Nina Simon "Image Beats Text: Good For Museums, Tough for Me"
Dana Allen-Greil and Matthew MacArthur "Small Towns and Big Cities: How Museums Foster Community On-line"
Instagram Blog "Museums on Instagram"
Alexandra Weilenmann, Thomas Hillman, Beata Jungselius "Instagram at the Museum: Communicating the Museum Experience through Social Photo Sharing"

American Alliance of Museums "TrendsWatch 2012: Museums and the Pulse of the Future"
Andrew Alberti "Digital Storytelling: Museums for a New Generation"
Paul F. Marty "Museum Websites and Museum Visitors: Before and After the Museum Visit"
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