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Holden's Scrapbook

Catcher in the Rye Project By: Andrea Rios

Andrea Rios

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Holden's Scrapbook

Holden's Scrapbook By: Andrea Rios Red Hunting Hat Allie's Baseball Glove A Checker Piece A Pack of Cigarettes The Duck Pond Phoebe's Record Train Ticket 2 Theater Tickets Museum of Natural History Lavender Room This Scrapbook was made for..... olden Caulfield This hat is significant because this hat travels with Holden throughout the book and becomes part of him and is mentioned numerous times in each chapter. The hat lets Holden be different and allows him to express himself without having to say anything. It gives him a personality like no one else by wearing a statement hat. He bought the hat at a sports store in New York, as stated on page 17. This is significant because it is something sentimental that Holden Cherishes and the topic for Stradlater's paper. This also shows how Holden feels about his siblings. Holden is not too sensitive or "emotional" and this is something that he has to hold back tears for. It is an item of Allie that Holden cherishes, as he mentions on page 38. This is significant because this is a symbol that reminds Holden about Jane and the summer they shared together, as shown on page 31. Holden tells Stradlater that Jane always kept her kings in the back row. Jane and the kings on the back row are similar because they want safety and security. Jane was also the only girl that would hold Holden's hand, making Holden feel safe. This is significant because it is a way for him to deal with an awkward moment for Holden to smoke a cigarette. An example would be when he was with Sunny in his hotel room and offered her a cigarette twice because he was uncomfortable. (It doesn't say where he got them) This is significant because it is one of the first symbols of Holden's "randomness" and also a symbol of his inner child. Children are often curious and full of wonder. This makes him remember the days when he was younger. He asks the taxi driver this on page 60. This is significant because it shows a side of Holden that is willing to lie and makeup a life because he's not comfortable with himself. Lying will not benefit him in any way, as shown on page 56. (doesn't say where purchased.) This is significant because it represents the scene where Holden fights with Sally and reveals that he doesn't want to change, as shown on page 126. (He buys the tickets by broadway) It reveals that Holden likes things to be his way and be absolutely perfect. This is significant because it reveals that Holden isn't open to change and he likes things to be the same, as shown on page 134. Holden wants to be like the museum and stay the same. He is total opposite because he is continuing to change. This is significant because this reveals that Holden wants to be an adult and take care of himself, as shown on page 85. He wants to grow up fast and make his own choices when he is still young and needs guidance. This is significant because this is an item he wanted to bring to Phoebe because he cares about her very much. This also reveals a softer side of Holden that is very caring. He got the record from Broadway, as said on page 116
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