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SS 9: Geography

No description

Devon Allen

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of SS 9: Geography

of Canada's Rocks, and trees, and water! A quick review... All Aboard! CANADA OUR physical REGIONS Regional Geography of North America! Remember the & & & English Civil War French Revolution Napoleonic Era Industrial Revolution well... There was also this place called Canada... And people had been coming here for YEARS! REGIONS: CLIMATE: TOPOGRAPHY: an area with similar characteristics the shape of the land the prevailing conditions of temperature and precipitation Appalachian Coastal Plains Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Lowland Interior Plains Canadian Shield Western Cordillera Interiormountain Region Arctic Region Canadian Geography in 3 assignments... 1. LEARN TO USE AN ATLAS & CLIMOGRAPH! 2. THE BIG POCKET BOOK OF CANADIAN GEOGRAPHY 3. I AM THE PHYSICAL REGIONS OF CANADA How I learned to stop worrying and use an Atlas... & love the climograph... index coordinates climographs
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