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Marietta prezi Veronica Roth

No description

Hailey Marietta

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Marietta prezi Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth Veronica Roth is her full name. Her birthday is August 19, 1888 (8/19/88) Veronica Roth's birthplace was in Chicago. She was 22 when she came out with her first book. My 5 favorite books are:
1. Divergent
2. Insurgent
3. Under the Never Sky
4. Free Fours
5. Pitch Dark "I only read one of them. Which is Divergent." Everybody was under a simulation(which is mind control) except her. She is Divergent, which means she cannot be under mind control. She fights the simulation and over powers it.
Her parents find her and then she watches them die right in front of her What is the book about? This book is about a teenage girl. She has to make a decision about weather to stay with her family or go on with her own life. In her life she is Abnegation out of the 5 factions. There is abnegation, candor, erudite, amity, and dauntless. She chose her faction and met someone new who she would soon fall in love with. She met knew people who soon became her friends. She had to learn how to fight people. Something she never did before. Books http://veronicarothbooks.blogspot.com/ Veronica Roth 1. She wrote her first book when she was 22. Her first book was Divergent. She wasn't doing her homework because she was working on her book.
2. She lives in the city of Chicago. She now is a full time writer. She is now working on her third book of the series Divergent.
3. She likes to cook. She likes psychology too. Especially it if it is chemistry, personality or group dynamics.
4. She has a little dog named Avi. She carved pumpkins that day and put lights in it to make it light up. They both were wearing a shirt with skulls on it to celebrate.
5. One of her hobbies is writing. Even though she does that for a living. Her books are very popular. Fun Facts Credits http://veronicarothbooks.blogspot.com/
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