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4th year project final presentation

Samuel Colvin

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of CFD for CUER

CFD for CUER Theory Practice
Results Conclusions CFD Automotive Drag Software Hardware Problems Mesh Generation Scripted Use of Fluent Lower Body Tools Required Design Approach Canopy Design Surface Refinement Turbulence Model Boundary Layer Modelling Mesh Resolution Flow Separation &
Skin Drag Influence of Roughness Horse Shoe Vortices Fluent 12.1 Gambit Size Functions Total Mesh Size Memory Limit Computation Time To save time For a series of similar cases Increased Memory Meshing Tools Automated Testing Use of Documented Results Optimisation Radical Redesign or
Eolutionary Approach Improvements on new
canopy design Canopy Positioning Avoid high drag roughness Consideration of Protrusions Failure to Predict Separation Use of Symmetry
Condition Moving Walls New Canopy Design Roughness Type Roughness Position Roughness Canopy Cross Wind Affects Horse Shoe Vortex Affect on Boundary Layer Affect of
Aerodynamics Stability Terminal Velocity Reliability Wall Functions & Near-Wall Models
Any Questions? by Samuel Colvin
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